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I'm gonna try to sneak in four stories in one minute, so start the clock. There's a big shake up going down on Grey's Anatomy. Ellen Pompeo is scaling back her role after 17 years as the lead. He news has learned that she'll only be appearing at 8 out of the 20 plus episodes of the upcoming season, which is season 19 for them. Now, she'll remain as the executive producer and her character Meredith will still be the narrator. Speaking of big moves, Days of Our Lives is ending its run on NBC after almost 60 years. The fans don't panic, new episodes will premiere exclusively on peacock starting September 12th. Now, you know what they say? Beauty is pain, just ask Kim K she posted this photo on Instagram after undergoing laser treatment to tighten her stomach. She says the treatment was painful, but worth it. Yikes. And congrats to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Chrissy took to Instagram to announce she's pregnant with their third child. Chrissy's been very open about undergoing IVF treatment, and she says she's feeling hopeful and amazing. And that's your Hollywood minute. Lonnie, now you know John, this is such great news for them. It's great news for me too 'cause I've got to be an auntie. Luna and miles are gonna be a new baby brother or baby girl, we don't know what it is, but I am so happy for Chrissy and Tom. Congratulations. John, not time. Okay. Live, yeah. It's time. He's watching this right now. Like, wait a minute. I know. I love you, John and Chrissy. Now, Kristin Cavallari is revealing why she ended her toxic marriage to Jay Cutler. Oh, she is letting it all out on a podcast called call her daddy. I was really unhappy. I mean, and that was the bottom line. And I was in an unhealthy relationship. And so that to me is not worth it. Also, I didn't want my kids thinking that that was normal and I wanted them to see me happy and see me eventually, not right now, but eventually see me with someone who really respects me. And treats me the way I need to be treated. I ended the or I called off the engagement the same reason I got a divorce. Same reason, I should say. And so I guess if there's any takeaway from that, is you can't ignore red flags. People don't change. And you gotta trust your gut. She also said it took her a few years to actually pull the trigger and in the marriage. Do you think people can ever truly change? Wow. So here's what I think about this. She said she saw the reasons why she canceled the engagement, but still went ahead with it and ultimately those are the same reasons why she wanted a divorce. So people can change if you see them putting actively the work in, just simply acknowledging it saying, I know I do this. I'm gonna do better, but they don't take steps to do it. No one's gonna have the same end result, you know? Absolutely. I think people can change. But you have to see it and when someone says, I'm sorry I made a mistake or I know that this or that that I do or that I did hurt you. It's never gonna happen again. Everybody deserves a second chance, and yes, people, especially before marriage, you know, things happen. But you know. But do you ignore it though? Because you said that there were kids. No. And you know, but sometimes, you know, when you have somebody like him, you know, who was, you know, popular. He's well-known. She's well known. You're trying to make it work. You will ignore those red flags. Yeah. And then in the end, and especially when you start having children, that's the thing is like, once you start having friends, you know, I'm just glad that she was able to get out of it because she said for her children. She didn't want her children to see that this is supposed to be a healthy relationship. Right. I agree with that. That's smart of her because that is important. But you know what I think when it comes to red flags, we never really pay attention to them. Ask your Friends. Because they're seeing all the red flags. And they will tell you. They won't be on things to not upset you. Right. We all have those friends who the minute you say to them, they're like, I didn't want to say nothing, but I thought that would just say something. But I'm the friend that'll ask a question. I won't come straight out. Yeah. I will ask you an example. So how do you feel about, you know, what he said to you? How does he make you feel? Oh. I'm not going to say he makes you feel bad or I see him. No, I'm going to ask you because I'm trying to pull. And wake my friends up. That's the true friend. And come back and say, oh, I'm fine with it. And you're like, okay. Okay. If you find what it, I'm fine. You know? You like it. I love it. You know? I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut in situations like that. Because I don't want to, I don't want to have to be that person who later on goes, well, you know, I was going to say something, but I didn't. I try to soften the blow, but always kind of put it out there. And it ultimately doesn't matter, you know, love blinds us all. Yeah. That's true. Well, you love and money, too. And he got money. Yeah. You were like, oh, I can put up with this for a couple more years. We like save your money, don't sit. Say go, buddy, okay. Up next, we got my sis tisha Campbell. She's here telling us all about her sexy new show. And she's on that with our very own Jay Rodriguez. What it does it take to truly uncouple. We gonna find out. Come on, T-shirt. Second notice on the liquor bill for Colin's party. Based on this, everyone there should have died of alcohol poisoning. He should really help you out with all that. Tell him

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