Kelly, Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper - Anthony Scaramucci out as White House communications director, Spokeswoman: Trump 'joking' when he told police to be 'rough' on suspects, U.S. slaps sanctions on Venezuelan president Maduro


Two fyre essentially is what it was whether he resigned or not to fire somebody that just came on board ten days ago to shake things up and essentially by the way shook things up in a way the offered kelly the job the opportunity he has in his first responses to fire scare emoji look it's it was the right move clearly i mean scaramucci was not going to be a successful communication stricter that's clear what is going to be interesting to watch is donald trump rather anthony scaramucci was donald trump's in carnage you know what i mean i mean it was just pure unfiltered donald trump the hiring of kelly in the firing or scare mucci is now the ego putting that into check but what we've seen on this president over and over again is he always goes back to that yet he always goes back to those animal instincts i don't see how over more than three years we're not going to see another cycle this on the campaigning went through what three campaign managers and we were just here a week ago talking about scaramucci and we said the one thing you can't do with president with with president trump is upstage him which he went there and he was gone i find this little anecdote uh about uh uh the fbi director very interesting because these are the sorts of thing trump here's and it may be one count against kelly and then he goes back to his old habits it was a story that broke on cnn just before the news about scaramucci american three in just a few days ago the white house was sending a completely different song about that new yorker interview in which scaramucci went on this profanity laced tirade about steve bannon reince priebus here's what sarah huckabee had to say i think it was thursday take a lesson.

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