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Hello Pilgrim's we are at the time of the year where we celebrate the pilgrims and the Indians having dinner and this is the time of the year that they had that meal because it was harvest now harvest is when all the work is done and you get to sit back and you get to enjoy relish and be grateful for everything. Your hard work has produced now because it was more of an agrarian culture back in the day It's it's very much an earth based harvest right but we still have harvest season. We still have seasons that cycle with the earth we still have periods of darkness in the winter where we cocoon ourselves and go into a Christmas period where we turn into Jelly and morph into something new and something more brilliant. The Butterfly we still have periods where we plant we plant seeds after the ground has been frozen for the winter period. We plant seeds. We till we shake up the ground. We open it back up. We put the seats chosen carefully into the crown expecting them to grow that spring over the summer. It's really a lot of waiting for things to grow. Its when we get to have fun. It's after all of the hard work of planting is done. You get warm. You go on vacation you son yourself feels good. And it's a period of waiting waiting for the harvest waiting for the fruit to bloom from your seed. Of course you still have to water things and you still have to make sure they get enough sun and you still have to weed things here and there but it's not the heavy hard period and then comes harvest. There's actually the most work physical work when you're a farmer or someone who's growing a garden in your yard. Even the most were comes in the harvest where you have to go out there and you have to make something of the fruits of your labor. You have to pick it. You have to bring it in. You have make something of it you have to sell it at farmers market or Canet or cook with it. Whatever it is that you're going to do with it. You have the harvest period and a soon as the harvest is finished in the United States of America. We have a Thanksgiving meal to thank God and the Earth Mother Earth. The forces at play and ourselves. We thank ourselves for the hard work we've put in to life. Without the harvest. There is snow. Life Life is manifest through the harvest period in harvest in our in our. I WANNA say we realized instead of are metaphorical lives right. We have be symbolic seasons through the Earth. That are not just symbolic. They actually produce physical fruits but we are always having a spiritual experience and our spiritual experience reflects our earth experience as seasons move. We move energetically not understanding. This is a massive cause of frustration. Right it's a huge cause of frustration. When you're standing there in June and you WANNA know why why? Why haven't I got what I wanted? Why why aren't my resolutions here? Because it's not harvest season honey harvest season begins in August and runs through to. Thanks giving why. Why can't I get everything to happen in February? Because it's fallow period honey because this is when the universe re orients itself and we have that go way way way back to Pagan Times Way Way Way. Back to the earth way back to when the sun and the moon and the stars or believed to be controlling every aspect of our lives and the praying to the gods who controlled. All of the things are traditions. Go back to then. And they are as much a part of us now as they were then and our spiritual emotional and mental cycles are the same as they were. Then they're inescapable. It doesn't matter whether you are bowing to a flag. It doesn't matter whether you're vowing to one God instead of many. It doesn't matter whether your on one side of the earth or the other. I assume that this cycle is flipped. When you're on the other side of the earth but you still experience those seasons. It doesn't matter if you live in Los Angeles instead of in Colorado where we really experience the difference between four seasons we got about. I don't know twelve to eighteen inches of snow the last few days and the roads have been crappy and dangerous and I had to get pushed out of just the middle of the street. Actually there was so much snow in the middle of the street. I hadn't even pulled over to inside the so and I couldn't get my car to move. The wheels were just spinning on Ice. And of course wonderful. Colorado wins just came right over and pushed me right out. We are at the Thanksgiving period. So let's quickly review. What our our energetic cycle looks like. I have developed these methods that I've been using for a decade To track my own progress through the cycle to to to experience and ritualized my own progress through the cycle My clients my friends. My family we do these tried and true rituals that ground us and help us experience the whole benefit of going through these cycles without racing past them right. Here's what I know about the cycles. Okay let's start with January. January is when everyone on the entire planet or some form of January right. Chinese New Year isn't in January but on some form of new ness right. There's something new when we begin our year pretty sure every culture or religion has a beginning of the year actually astrologically. It's an aries. Is the beginning of the year nuts in March my son's in areas. That's the Spring Equinox. Which does make sense right? It does make sense to have a beginning there but the beginning there is the planting so the winter is what I think of as the beginning because the winter is when you are conceiving the winter is when right after the holiday season in January. You look around and you say okay. What do I want to change? What do I want for the coming year? What do I want to achieve? How do I WANNA feel? What changes do I WANNA make? What do I want to maintain? What are my goals? What are my resolutions right? So January happens in the winter. It happens mid winter. It's when Oh my gosh. Millions of people millions of people look to the skies look to the universe look to their gods look within themselves and say okay. This is where I'm going. These are the seeds. I I want to plant okay and then we have fucking February which is what I always call it fucking. February February is the period when the entire universe takes all of those resolutions and re organizes itself accordingly. There's a massive amount of attention that changes everything it changes all of your plans of the entire universe right. It changes what jobs people want it. Changes what businesses they WANNA open what businesses? They want to close down what they want their relationships to look like it changes every aspect of the universe every aspect of society because our intentions have changed. This is why February is often and I know this in my own life. It is the hardest month. It's the shortest month and it feels like the longest month because it's very frustrating very frustrating if you decided to close one door on a job an open another door maybe with a risky business Hey Tom cruise with a risky business. That you're gonNA launch and you don't take the action for that the universe is GonNa shut that door for you. If you decide the cheer going to transition from one business model to another business model the universe is going to make that business model fail. If you decide you're going to change a relationship and the other partner is not down with this change. There will be chaos in your relationship during February. If you decide you're going to change your body lose. A certain amount of weight take cleanse in. February is when you start to lose steam because the excitement is gone in February is when the gym goes back to normal. I go to the gym twice a week every week. All throughout the year to do kickboxing and It is so crowded in January that my instructor just stops her membership for her family. Because there's no point because everybody in the world is going to do these amazing schedules and they over plan. They shoot way further than they should shoot now. They've got cramps and they've got aches pains and they haven't seen the massive results that they wanted you know instead of losing ten pounds a month. They're looking at the scale and they're saying to all this work for two pounds so by February we've lost our enthusiasm and our optimism because she got real. That'd be worries also the darkest month. We're not finished just stating these are still ideas and plans for the universe to work. Around the universe it takes a minute for the universe to readjust itself. According to millions of resolutions and millions of intentions. It takes a minute man. Cut The univer slack. The universe has to deal with matter in has to deal with physical bodies. It has to deal. With physical. Jobs has to deal with physical properties it has to deal with real interactions in established and unestablished relationships. The universe has a big huge job in February. And we're not really supposed to be accomplishing anything. In February. We're choosing in February. I know we have this January first deadline. Which I think is actually pretty misplaced. I'm not sure that January is a deadline that you want to observe for intentions. Because what we're supposed to be doing what we authentically find ourselves doing is hibernating leading these ideas. Sit with US letting these ideas take form letting the ideas flow from the intention right so you bay create. Create the intention. But you're not sure how you're going to manifest this intention and February is when you sit with it you just sit with it. You sit with it. It's like the first trimester of pregnancy. There's not much you have to do except for maybe throw up and you know you get really tired and you sleep a lot but you're just sitting with it. You're changing a few physical things about your life. What you're eating your exercise patterns. But you're sitting with it so that your brain can reorganize itself around this big massive change of welcoming a human onto the planet. So then we move into the spring and the spring is when we plant the seeds. We've chosen and we wish into form into manifestation new life. We create the setting. We create the the optimal conditions. We saw the ground we moved the ground around and we create healthy thriving dirt and soil. Actually I recently learned that dirt and soil are two very different things. Soil is teeming with life and therefore can't support life when we put some seeds in it and dirt is just fallow. It has no ability to grow anything. Because there's no Bio Don't Baiocco biosphere and it's not friendly to growth right to to growing anything so what we do is we create this soil. That's just teaming with the ability to create life and we put our chosen intentions into it. This take some action right so spring. You're often filled with a rush of excitement. A rush of Doing and you have this little short bursts of doing that. Summer comes and it's really just about again waiting right. You've set things into motion. Most of what you're doing is ritual. Most of what you're doing is by ritual. I mean Weeding watering and waiting right. Maybe hopefully he don't spray disgusting pesticides all over the food but that would probably happen in spring Maybe some maintenance in the summer but mostly you're waiting for the universe to do. Its bit again. You're waiting for the sun and the water to do what it does. You're waiting for the soil teeming with life.

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