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A U. S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear religious rights case several other same sex couples should be able to be foster parents in San Francisco I'm at Baxter this is Bloomberg thanks a lot you are listening to Bloomberg business week more headlines coming out about the impact of the corona virus on big global companies MasterCard saying that he sees lower revenue growth on the impact of that virus seen growth two to three percentage points slower than previously discussed now seeing euro you you're over your net revenue growth of nine to ten percent in the first quarter that stock falling roughly two percent in the after market Carol yeah debit to half percent the company saying stressing the fundamentals of our business remains strong as our search volume and switch transaction growth remain in line with our expectations expectations however cross border travel and to a lesser extent cross border border e-commerce growth is being impacted by the corona virus as a result we now expect that if the trends we have seen recently primarily in our cross border drivers continue through the end of the quarter year over year net revenue growth in the first quarter will be approximately two to three percentage points lower than discussed on our January twenty ninth twenty twenty earnings call I mean this is the point isn't it you know the longer it goes on it is going to have a material impact on various companies and their businesses so they've got a you know they have obligations to investors to lay it out there and so the longer it happens in this is business that you will not necessarily get back right at some point right going to have to move forward but you know I'm not surprised to see on a day like this for companies are coming out the markets were battered stocks overall were battered that if you want to kind of dump some bad news this is not a bad time to do it well I'm glad you said that because that's exactly what it feels like to me as well that like this is the moment where everybody's going to come out and say okay I'm I'm just gonna put it out there maybe even if it's a little bit more conservative in saying that you know could be this bad or whatever it is so to get that out there now I mean certainly the idea master card in United both coming out and saying look folks things are going to be different they're going to be worse than we thought it can always rebound by that sort of getting that bad news out on the table as you say it may be that played a Kerr all right you're listening to Bloomberg businessweek kalma so along with Jason Kelly coming up we'll talk about brand intimacy this is Bloomberg I do check out today's Bloomberg business week podcast for a thorough discussion thoughtful discussion two of today's selloff with Randy wants to William o'neill and we get an inside look.

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