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Yeah i wish it was a little bit more of demons in a movie but there is a lot of screaming goes back and forth my god the screaming the the screaming these italian girls really got some pipes on you know opera singers. I assume they're all. What if tony the pimp could sing. It'd be fucking awesome. I have thirty minutes to talk about tony. the pimp. oh lord. Tony the guy who played tony the pimp Which is bobby bobby bobby. What's mommy rose. Bobby rhodes which a great name still does not sound like a talion name but if bobbi roads actually recorded his own an english soundtrack for himself it fits the voice does look like the guy i mean like the perfect and i just have to imagine that fred williamson was busy because that is like peak williamson. Just i mean. He made so many of these italian movies. But the damon doesn't necessarily have any americans in it. No it doesn't i mean the closest thing that i have to it as the main character barberini. What's his name bob marino. I want to turn that i into an os. So bad or bono bob. He plays george. George george he says and it is so clearly not his And he's our. He's our hero. Yeah he's our final guy. I saw him. And i thought michael anthony hall at first and by the end of the film. He's like a michael duda cough for sure driving dirt bike and like with a samurai sword. Love it absolutely love it. I remember that this is the best looking that this movie has. This is the best version that i've ever seen Just in the blu ray version and I guess some of that stuff is like kind of some of the stuff in the background..

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