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This poor attempt at work however would fall well short. Philip knew the land better than the colonists, and he was able to slip right out. It is worth noting however that as a result of the escape Philip was required to leave behind the women and children as crossing with them was simply too dangerous. Most of them were captured and would ultimately be sold into slavery. The story of those early days of King Philip's war can be seen as an escalating series of skirmishes. Well there was a few minor engagements most of the damage during that first month came from Indian hit and run tactics on the English towns. The. English spent most of their. I love trying to convince an often threaten other tribes into either alliances or more, generally neutrality. However even within the first month, the English had already made decisions that would profoundly affect the long term outcome of the war. As. We are going to see next time. Poor decision. Making is going to come back to cost English dearly. Next time we are going to continue to look at how king. Philip's quickly grew. To this point, we have seen small skirmishes next time we're going to be looking at some of the biggest battles of the war with that. I hope you are all staying healthy and staying safe. I hope you all have a wonderful two weeks and I will see you back here next time as we will move through the major battles of King Philip's war..

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