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And do my stretches. I say thank you universe gauze spirit. Whatever you WANNA call it because you know it. It's just being grateful. The way things are things could be worse. No matter where you are. So it's it's good to be grateful and it's like it doesn't do any good to complain. Yeah often heard that complaining is praying for what you don't want. Hey Yeah we wanna focus on what you don't want we want to focus on what you gotta let things who is that. Our words are so powerful. Really think of your word as your wand of creation what you say comes into being that vibration creating reality creating whole world and what you think before comes out of your mouth. Yes that to me is also on key. Because if you if you're thinking you know while I'm I'm I don't like this and I don't like that well it's a negative energy. Exactly just like you said what you resist persists. Yes so it's so important to be grateful and appreciative. Thank you Brad Being you know appreciate who is in your life appreciate you know all the positive. That's coming the change. Appreciate the change because the way I look at it. It's it's better. What is preparing you for better? Yes exactly we're always progressing so if you if you are appreciative and grateful in advance. Yes it opens the door to appreciate those three. She of any grows. So that's the most important I think that's the most important thing that we do first thing Because then the rest of the day. It's wonderful wonderful. I mean you can deal with the challenges much easier. I'm speaking for myself. 'cause and even asking in the challenge you know what can be grateful for exactly and What am I grateful for? Learning through this is opening up my mind and my heart going towards this absolutely and the thing that you are complaining about it's also good to To just throw in what you're grateful for about that particular thing. Yup whatever it is like find you know is you're saying like find that thing that you can be grateful for and can completely shift everything I just. I just think the universe and God for everything because I know it's for my higher good for my higher good yes knowing and when you have that knowing it's like because then I don't have to sit for an hour or two hours because I have a lot to do in a day. A LEAN ON SOMETIMES. They can expand two days or week yet. Exactly it doesn't do and I'm very productive so I don't have a lot of time to be doing that but throughout the day. You know something really nice having thank you thank you thank you. Yes and even. If you're in that space to of of the of the complaint just ask your ask a question out of it. Yes absolutely because the negative energies doesn't work Turn it around turn it around and even ask yourself how can I turn this around right now? You know complaining space or or whatever pot. The pots uplifted out of here. Also human emotion. Yes own as long as you. Don't stay there exactly. I get depressed. Well I have to allow myself to get depressed and I don't get depressed anymore. I mean sometimes place but it's it's like this long if I do this long and then you know and again it goes back to that the gratitude. Yup so much in it's infinite because of the universe knows better than US absolutely absolutely executive we. If we let our egos go than you can see that you can feel it absolutely absolutely. We hope you enjoy today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the Information. You've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let us know how the show influenced your life by emailing at Dr Cheryl dot wealth transformation gmail.com for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you. Further please visit Cheryl Shire DOT COM or call. Four one five two four six six eight eight one as a gift. You can get Doctor. Cheryl's booked wealth transformation integrity integrity integrity for only the cost of postage seven dollars. Ninety five cents until next time feel healthy and happy in your wealth no matter where you are in your life..

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