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Suggestions. Let me know for sure. I'm having a blast. Doing it for other people are joining as well and thank you very much again on on twitter and instagram. You're at Coley Harvey correct. That's correct. Excellent thanks go like take care. Thank you so much all right. That was good stuff. Good stuff we come back. I think this I this is so good. I think it cries out for a caller segment. Ryan Fagin covers Major League baseball for the Sporting News and he tweeted this yesterday. And this to me just sent me back in time for the answer. It's a simple question Ryan fagin ask. Who is your favorite baseball player? When you were eleven years old and why Ryan Fagin baseball writer. Sporting News. Sporting News Dot Com. Who is your favorite baseball player when you were eleven years old and why? I think we'll take some calls on that. I think we have some fun with that. Eighteen sportstalk seven hundred. Wwl W eight twenty five seven hundred. Wwl WWL's Arnaud Carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet are carriers your global transportation provider visit our LLC DOT COM and Kelsey Chevrolet Open for sales and service with a new state of the Art Collision Repair Center coming in July. And we've been flying tonight. It's already eight. Twenty five three outstanding guest. Rick Green loved that story. Jake herdsmen. How IMPRESSIVE IN COLI HARVEY? What a blast from the past and love just love his work so Ryan. Fagin leads us into our topic that we can maybe Head down the stretch with before on this date in Reds History Ryan Rights Major League Baseball for the sporting news and as I said before the break he asked a simple question on twitter and I love stuff like that so I'm always looking for ideas of some that we can have some fun with. This seems like something we can have some fun with. He said who is your baseball player when you were eleven years old. And why and I immediately flashed back summer. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven. I turned eleven years old that summer. My favorite player as an eleven year old was the guy. I ran the first because of a walk. I slid headfirst because of him. I love hitting the lead off hitter. Most of my life I loved hitting the first pitch of the game. A brand new shiny white baseball right up the middle for a hit and I would round the bag sharply as as a kid and I would clap my hands just like him and then I would scrunched down my batting helmet on my head just like him. It was pete rose. That was my guy when I was eleven years old at that time. You know when you were eleven. And this is seventy seven. They're coming off back to back world championships. Pete's hit three hundred every year. He's hitting forty doubles. Every year. He had a chocolate drink out with his his name on on the drink he was doing commercials. E was everything at that time and as an eleven year old. I want I always remember. I wanted to be number fourteen on all of my teams but in that day I was always the smallest guy on the team so I always got like zero or one because the way that the number was ago is based on the like the larger sizes. Get the bigger numbers so to rules. When I played I was always in the very front row team pictures. I was always the one who sat like holding the backs crossed in an x like legs folded in the front because I couldn't so smaller couldn't stand up and always was like zero one for my number but man everything I did. I did because I watch Pete rose he was my guy at eleven years old. Who is yours one. Two three four five six lines open five point three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred the big one and pound seven hundred on. At and T. Take me back to the eleven year old you in Loveland Fran who would it be? Well let me give you the year yes yes. Eighteen sixty one big cincinnati reds fan. Who can only be one oil? That would be frank robbins. You got it my man. Mvp of the year league that year and then he won the MVP in the near the American League in sixty sixty six unbelievable and it just had a tremendous career. Here he's the guy that you wanted to come up at the play clock situation Number twenty tremendous rightfielder. I mean he's probably the all time red for me being a kid. Back in that era highlighted. Perfect brand. Thank you for listening. Thanks for the call. Okay Larry aggregrate night. You see Chris ways it on twitter. He says I turned eleven in November of one thousand. Nine hundred seventy seven right after the big red machine by favorite player was always griffey. Senior hit ran. Good defense there. You go that's what I'm looking for. Let me take you back to the eleven year old you. You're running around not whole little league backyard. Brian Fagan of the sporting news wants the answer to this single simple question. Who is your favorite player? And why will run this until the top of the argue? Check on news tomorrow dot on the show by the way. If you're a cyclones fan gathering Radio make note of this. Tomorrow is the ten year anniversary of the cyclones winning the last Kelly Cup second time in three years at that point we will talk with at eight Oh six John Hamill play-by-play voice for the cyclones and we will talk at eight twenty with Chuck Weber Man Chuck Weber was one of my favorite interviews and untold. I did those chuck is in town. So we'll talk with the play by play voice and the head coach for the Cincinnati cyclones. The Kelly Cup Champion. Cyclones and it would be. My thoughts may be opened up the phones after that for a segment for cyclone flames fans with with a memory to share of that night. Ten years ago who anybody got anything against celebrating championships in this town and remembering championships will do that tomorrow. Night and Dave Mile. He's got a check in leading off the show at six eight tomorrow night. He sent me a text and I sent him one back after he listened to recruit and I said you gotta come on tomorrow night. We'll talk about you rick. Green and about Minor League story. So He's in for tomorrow night as well and we're in pursuit of Matthew Modine who is in the movie chance. He's the baseball coach and if I get him on. I'm talking about the movie chance. And then you better believe. I'm spending a few minutes talking about vision quest because that may be. I think it is my favorite moves from the eighties. Let's check news bottom of the hour. Arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Seven hundred wwl. W Eight. Thirty nine seven hundred. Wwl W Arnelle carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet annoyance. Mcallister nine o'clock Jerry. Jeff Walker's in. I've not seen him but I'm assuming tonight is part three of his Look back at the tragic a Beverly Hills Supper Club. He had done the first two parts. The last two nights I'm assuming tonight is part three. It'll have another guest by find out more. I will certainly pass it along or you can simply look forward to listening to it. Unfold from nine to midnight here on seven hundred. Wliw all right. The question was Simple a tweet from Ryan Fagin to the sporting news. Who's your favorite baseball player? When you were eleven years old we've talked before about How at utilites around that age eight? That sweet spot where something happens in sports in it. It grabs you and holds you and carries you for the rest of your life and I've sent for me. That was like big red machine here at right smack DAB in it in his case. I don't know if there's rhyme or reason why pick the AG Levin? I'm not gonNA argue because it's it's a tweet. I could turn into a topic and I love tweets. I could turn into topics so I'm asking you to be the eleven year old. You and tell me who your favorite player is was and for what reason we had here. And this would be Darren. You're on seven hundred WWL WLIW. I'm well thanks for calling. Well no problem. I'm actually down on the fringe of big red machine country. Down in in the shiprock tacky par around Lexington Joe. All right listen you guys. I grew up on the day. Grab machine is well A matter of fact I had a relative who they never the big red machine although he didn't play very much. Really the yeah. You'd backed up a couple of middle stuff middle infielders who are now in the ranch all fame and wanted in the hall of fame they of course he backed up rose at third as well. So do you mind if I ask name? Oh you know what it's fine I was GonNa Guess Doug Flynn Love Doug Flam a big Doug Flynn Fan. Yeah he was. Yeah I told him you you you get that gets rated for a hall of fame. Exactly exactly yeah. I was telling your your your screener. That academic any during that Iraq Keeney Ridge player on that particular Air Team they're banning stanton and they're running style and playing first base I actually really Mimicked a lot of the big doggy all totally paralysis. And My my dad's a little bit like he is but unfortunately didn't have the power very few did very few. I meet a lot of those guys to being that close with relative on my teams so a of those guys as well so it really made my youngsters day my younger days for much much better and You know get see those guys who are bigger than life but they just see the human side of absolutely a other wines call Darren. I'm so glad you're listening. And thanks for taking the time to call. Hey No for our guys I may call again so I look forward to enjoy your night. All right take you all right. Look first time callers easier that if I can do it for three hours value can do it by phone so I always invite. First Time College. Come on join US jump in. We're just hanging out talking sports. No big deal about Clermont County Jerry. You're on seven hundred. Wwl W Yeah Hannah there. Yeah Been I listen to you all. Thank you for me. I'd I'd have been the weather's been like nineteen fifty seven forty six. Yes but I knew about all the reds player down there. But we'll get what we wanted to come. I can't league out here and took us down across the field to play well after Shin. Cuzco to Chiasso on like telephone own that I started trying to get a ouch without cutting ball. All they talk like my payers like Roberson. Wally be a gus Roy. Mailing Yana and all them but after she kids with them big arms. I like that guy. Good so that's not all I got my sure. Appreciate your program. You always have a good thing to pick from to go by thank you Jerry. Have a great night all right. He made my night. I like that I like giving you stuff to pick from. Let me go to Waynesville. Who Michael Jack? Let's go can. You're on seven hundred.

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