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Eight six six Here's Holly in San Luis Obispo Holly you're on the Tom leykis, show, Hello Hello. Tom well Hello Holly what's going. On We were always told not I don't. Know how people find themselves in these positions we were always, told don't even try, shit, like. This, one, you. Know and personally You know I, never wanted to be considered a druggie, or beer, druggy but I, do have I do wrestle. With my, own demons, you know whether it be we read or shelter caffeine you, know Things that I should stop said I don't and I just I guess I feel compassion for people who find, themselves in this position 'cause they made a mistake. And it's just such a horrible? Whole difficult hole to get out of but but you. Don't find yourself in this, position you put yourself in. This position Yeah I mean I I don't. Know how. It happens you, know like some people get in car accidents and are prescribed painkillers and that's how it happens to them I don't know how I mean you know with heroin it's like, you lose me needles and but he has an. Internet attuned people have for example I I've been, to the dentist many times over the. Years and when I go if, I am, having any, severe work done I am given a couple of different kinds of pills. I I, am given Vicodin. For the pain and, I am given some kind of calming agent, some kind of you know not Ambien but something that. Will, call me down Yeah And my goal when the doctor hands me these prescriptions and I get these pill bottles is to see how many of them I can resist. Using I tried to resist that at all. Costs I'll take a little bit of, pain, or a little. Bit of discomfort in order to achieve my goal of never taking. All the. Medication I'm given now. There are other people and and I, would say, most, people go all look. I got vicodin I'm set now for the week where I've set. For the month I'm Sam I'm going to be I'm going to be chilling all weekend you know well you can do that but the risk you. Run is that you end up like that It's. A risk and right and so I, don't choose, to, take that risk I. Will drink and I will smoke weed but I also know that I. Am not going to kill, myself that way I'm not I've never even come. Close and and and so there's a big. Difference between having certain vices Like like biking pizza and ordering an entire pizza and eating it and. Sticking, needle in your he's a two different kinds of things and what we do now in the. Society, where nobody is responsible any of their own. Behavior, now, we have conflicted eating. A pizza or eating a Pillsbury crescent, roll and sticking needle in Europe well we all. Have we. All have our addictions no no that's not the same those are not more quotes and yeah Yeah I mean I you know Demi Levato might easily get fat from what. I, could see but I would rather somebody be. Fat, then, to have a needle. In their arm now the paramedics goal Right, right and that's true what you said I. I guess I don't know if I can only related to, myself but I I had sciatica six months and it was really bad and I you know I I couldn't take time off of. Work. I had, to, hobble around, my shop and do my job but I refused to take, the Vicadin because I thought if I did that on a daily basis at the. End, of the Soviet She had no cure mice Attica but the chiropractor but it'll be a drug addict right I? Understand what you're saying in that regard it's it's just it's sucks, to be, them, why. How the fuck did they get down this whole to begin with you know right right and and and they need people around them to. Pull them out of it like, it can't really, be done alone unless you're in, jail Martin To tell you my experience has been that they never get pulled out of the whole. Ever they may have temporary successes in resisting using these drugs for periods of, time but they always end up back in the hall and the surest.

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