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Have to be a numskull to talk about three hours a day, and yet, that's what they're doing. That's what you're going to hear. And I know the ratings are there for those who do it the audiences there for the Mula Trump's circus. I would rather talk about throat cancer, then Mueller and Trump. And when I listened to Trump just now I almost gagged them. The man has it wrong. He didn't even study what impeachment is based upon what I mean. It's high crimes and misdemeanors. Sir. It doesn't mean that has to be both. It means. It's kinda either or you've committed high crimes and misdemeanors. It doesn't mean you have to approve committed both high crimes and misdemeanors who's advising him. And meanwhile, the border is being overrun. Meanwhile, the nation's businesses not being done. I start to wonder if it's not a gigantic scam. Where the team the establishment team? The Mueller Trump complex is actually one game to keep us talking about them instead of talking about the border being overrun. Instead of talking about the measles, epidemic sort of getting out of control right now. Measles cases are setting a record. Why are we not talking about issues other than Trump Mueller? Is it possible that Plato was right? When he talked about shadows on the wall, and the cave that the people would only look at the shadows on the wall and not understand who will making the shadows, or is that to us a attack for you? So I think maybe if you wanna talk about high crimes and misdemeanors, I'm going to do that. Do you know that high crimes and misdemeanors? Applies not only to the president, but the vice president and all civil officers of the US all civil officers of the US now. You know why Pelosi and Feinstein of dummied up now you know why the damn leadership has dummied up on on impeachment. You know why because it got apply to them? I you'll telling me I you telling me that Feinstein and Pelosi and all of the other, quote civil officers of the US are not possibly open for impeachment based upon treason bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, you would be you ought to bet the ranch on it that you're wrong, every last one of the leadership in the democrat party could be impeached based upon the high crimes and missed the misdemeanors phrase from section four of article two of the US constitution. Now what is? Hi mean does it mean marijuana, high does doesn't meet high times, and misdemeanors, or high crimes and misdemeanors? That's actually funny in a certain way. I mean, is it high times and misdemeanors? Or as is in America today could be high times and misdemeanors. I, I'm not gonna read you the whole thing. What is high crime? Mean what is what does a misdemeanor mean? Well means different things to different people Benjamin Franklin remember him the guy with the kite and the key Benjamin. Franklin started that the power of impeachment and removal was necessary for those times when the executive quote rendered himself obnoxious. Oh, lord. What do you mean obnoxious to who, who? Well Clinton, Brandon himself up. Not just with I had did not have sex with that woman. He was impeached. And what was Clinton really impeached, for that was a waste of time all over to fair all over an affair? All over lying to congress. Well, okay, so that's high crimes and misdemeanors. President. Andrew Johnson was impeached in eighteen sixty eight what did he do? Well, it was a house vote. He did something in pissed them off. And they said you are going to be impeached. Trial ended, I may twenty six with Johnson's opponents narrowly failing to achieve the two-thirds majority necessary to convict them the same exact thing happened with Clinton, you know that they're going to go through the paces. They're gonna impeach him. It'll be rejected by the Senate. Everyone knows that it's get even with the Republicans for what they did to Clinton. This is how petty and stupid. These lawyers are who run America most of these manifield lawyers, most of the people in congress people could not make a living as lawyers. So they became the next best thing which was a politician. It's the same in talk radio. You have people and talk radio failed. Lawyers, they tried careers in law. They failed in laws. They figure they go into the business, and then they can be as the public and laugh all the way to the Swiss Bank. But it's all nonsense. It's all nonsense, this whole thing. It's, it's lawyers fighting lawyers to get even with each other, and I am saying to you, I'd rather talk about throat cancer than this. But this is all you're interested in. Shall I talk about it? I just did Benjamin. Franklin said that the power impeachment and removal was necessary. Those times when the executive rented himself obnoxious, and the constitution should provide for the regular punishment of the executive when his conduct should serve it, and for his honorable acquittal when he should be unjustly accused, what James Madison say he's the guy who invented the I guess ice cream the ice cream line James Madison, said impeachment was indispensable to defend the community against the incapacity. The, the incapacity negligence or perfidy of the chief magistrate now, most of you don't know what per fitting means. It's an antiquated word what is perfectly. Mean the seat, fullness or on shrew worthiness, I would say that applies to everyone in congress. Perfectly perfectly applies. Virtually everyone in congress because they're all lawyers. Don't lawyers this seat the seat for a living. Don't lawyers practice the C for this for a living. Yes. Don't lawyers practice untruth worthiness for a living. Yes, yes, they do. So under the terms of what James Madison said to defend the community against negligence perfidy. I would say everyone in congress could be could be impeached. Now prior to the Clinton investigation. The house had begun impeachment proceedings against only seven team officials one US Senator to presidents one cabinet member and thirteen federal judges so back to this again. We lived through it with Clinton, it was a dog and pony show simply, so Republicans could feed red meat to the base. Do you understand what I just said to you? Why do you think the Republicans went after Clinton because they could because then they did? I have to do the nation's business that way they could keep raking in the money in toilets around Washington DC that way, K street could grow into the size of an elephant without paying attention. That way, you could bomb nations. You can bomb ice cream factories, you could bomb baby bottle factories. Nobody would pay attention. All they pay attention to is the dog and pony show going on television. As I said, I'd rather talk about throat cancer, then this, unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of talking about throat cancer, because I'm not a throats specialists nor cancer specialist. What do you wanna talk about a you as burned out from this as I am? I'm actually brain dead from it. I'm busy from it. I think any IQ low within let's say I'd say ninety nine to talk about this every day, maybe mistaken, maybe I'm just off in left field. Maybe I'm the last person left and talk radio that you should listen to maybe you should never listened to me anymore. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe when I wrote stop mass hysteria America's insanity from the Salem witch trials to the Trump, which I was wrong. Maybe there is no witch-hunt, or maybe there is a witch on. Maybe. I don't care if there's a witch on. Maybe I'm tired of hearing your name Trump anymore. Maybe I can't stand the name Mueller anymore. Maybe I don't wanna hear anymore this garbage. Maybe I'm more concerned with the fact that the border is being overrun and diseases are reaching epidemic proportions as a result of the disease immigrants that pouring over the border into our hospital's asked people in emergency rooms if I am making this up, but met. Nah, you'd rather talk about this, and you want to vilify, Trump, or you want to vilify Mueller. Isn't that neat and easy for the establishment? Isn't that perfect wasn't Plato? Right. When he said the people will only see the shadows on the wall right now. It looks like Trump is a shadow and Mueller as shadow. But they're not actually the actors it looks to me like the actors are using them as puppets to cast their shadows on the wall of the cave. So we're talking about the shadows. We see on the wall rather than those who are playing with the puppets, and letting the border being overrun. That's all that's all next case yesterday. I after the show, took one of my old cars variety. It was a nice, warm day. And I parked it somewhere people came over, you know, they always do. It's an old Jag. Yes. Talk to talk. So three ladies from England came one from England one from Ireland another from somewhere. They were visiting and we started to chat and before long because they didn't know I was. I the name Trump came up and they, they recalled with horror and up until that point we were enjoying talking about the Jaguar. And they said, well, do you support him? I said, well, I've been in the Oval Office, I liked the man very much. They said he's disgusting. I said, what do you mean? He's discussing what, what don't you like about? We don't like anything about him. We hate him. I said, put your from England. How could you hate him? I said, you only know what you what you see in the newspapers. They said, no, we don't like him at all. The you understand that there is a polarization in the world. Of people today that I've never seen anything like this. It's as though we're talking about somebody that doesn't even exist. It's pretty amazing, the times, we're living in and they're very, very difficult to live in, if you have to talk about this exclusively. But apparently that is what the people want to talk about. Do I want to talk about it? No. But you're gonna make me talk about it. Shall we? Spend the rest of the year perhaps right up until what year is this? I don't even remember the year anymore. Let's see the thirtieth of may beginning of summer more or less. Twenty nineteen so year from now we're going to be coming into the election cycle for the presidency. And you're going to see this become even a higher fever pitch of madness Trump did this Trump did that Trump didn't do it. Russia did it. There's a Russian and your soup look out Russia's spying on you Russia, did this Russia did that. Meanwhile China's eating us alive. China's taking over pieces of the earth. China is minding the earth for a toxic prefer, excuse me, rare, and essential elements that we need for our electron IX. Meanwhile they were allowed to buy the land in Nevada. That's still had some of these rare earth minerals on their who Barry Obama, permitted them to buy up the last vestiges of independence for the rare earth metals, and he was never impeached, and believe me to me that was a high crime. I shall be back. Join.

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