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Launched into the government's response to the fires after weeks of criticism of the government's slow response to the brush fires and people dismissing handshakes from prime minister Scott Morrison good morning everyone he sat down with Australian broadcasting corporation there are things that I could handle on the ground much better he also acknowledge climate change playing a role in hotter drier summers and discussed Australia's role as one of the largest producers of coal in the world what I'm saying is we want to reduce emissions and do the best job we possibly can and get better and better and better at it throughout the country of Australia there are still more than two hundred fires burning that CBS news correspondent Jamie you guess reporting from Sydney an Australian man who was injured in a volcanic eruption in New Zealand more than a month ago has now died Paul Brown becomes the twenty a victim of that disaster he has two daughters were caught in the December ninth eruption on white island one of his daughters was killed the other daughter remains in the hospital a man is facing charges over his actions on a flight from Dulles airport the passenger on the Thursday United Airlines flight tells NBC that twenty eight year old Matthew Dingli sprinted toward the cockpit and began pounding on the door the passenger says Dingli then attacked a flight attendant and officers who arrested him when the plane landed in Newark New Jersey a flight attendant and six officers were injured including one who was hospitalized with four broken ribs delays facing aggravated assault and a number of other charges Queen Elizabeth has called her immediate family to a meeting today to discuss last week's surprise announcement from prince Harry and his wife Megan if they want to distance themselves from the crown the queen is said she wants the situation wrapped up in days not weeks but tensions are already running high Britain's Sunday times is quoting prince William is saying I put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can't do that anymore we're separate entities CBS news correspondent MTS tire reporting from London an extensive collection of JFK memorabilia is hitting the auction block hundreds of items associated with the former president are being offered as a single lot by Boston's our our auction for a minimum of one of the half million dollars now the collection includes a hand written draft of Kennedy's nineteen sixty speech announcing his intention to run for president hundreds of unpublished photos and negatives of Kennedy and his family water colors he painted and personal items including a necktie back brace in golf balls the auction company says it's like a curated museum exhibit in one option still to come on WTOP the Supreme Court takes up a retirement issue six forty four an interesting creature.

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