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Task for vaccine for Covid, Nineteen Pads Peer Review and looks promising. so we'll see I, think this is the. Madonna tested the yeah. Madonna's company is doing this so. We'll see those man still not like here. So stay inside. Kinds Something like this. Day Oh ask. That isn't even when they started doing vaccine. Still Stay MIASMA CISE I'm. GonNa get it. If I can get get fast as possible. Yes Doomsday factors. Stupid into. Give a new study shows that covid nineteen is no longer infectious after eleven days. So that's good, I mean people so sounds like people have been telling. People will stay in for fourteen days. Alive the problem the problem with this is a lot of companies and people. They've been saying stuff like. Stay Get seven days off. Take four three days off, but you're going to need more than that. That's why a lot of doing fourteen days for right. You're GonNa need that eleven days now. What I'm hoping is that it means. Sometimes people go on to get tested and they actually have had it for a couple of days, so maybe there by the time you say, stay home for seven days. It is eleven. But, Yeah Solos like eleven days is which is good. Because people were saying that people, you can test positive for having it up to two weeks after sometimes longer, but being like a person who passes the virus, other people. That's eleven days. Yeah, you could be sick longer than that. Just sink, but you can also be. You can also be a symptomatic. You know so. Yeah? So that's good to know that you don't have enough of it to infect other people in general at eleven days so. all right. Let's get into some other news. Is all kind of stuff happening that I want to cover so we're GONNA. Get Outta Corona Virus News and get into something a little more. While still sad news, but we have a covered in a while..

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