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With Stephanie Abrams on the line with me is Kathleen Jarvis. She lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She has been a volunteer. At the monastery at Fort Smith ST Scholastica for many, many years, probably decades now. Um She Committed ourselves to helping None she befriended. Sister, Catherine Marquis. Oh, is still living at the monastery and Fort Smith, Arkansas toe help her connect with her Irish roots. And sister Catherine was approaching 80 years old. Of all the places that we sorted out. For you to visit before we joined you on the fourth day of your journey through Ireland. On for the rest of that trip that we spent together. What are the things that come to mind? Maybe you can list them and then we can delve into them a little better. Well, what are the things that stand out beyond the amazing people? Which we need to talk about in Ireland. Um Of the places that we visited the experiences we had. Well, I cash it. Actually, you've given me a hard job. I I would have to say that not Woz way up there on top of the list E visiting of in County Mayo, the knots trying to marry in trying, which is, by the way, I read that it's visited by A million and a half people every year. Um and I would have to say the I think it was called the famine ship. That that Brody Right gun, Probably famine ship in County Wexford again, please. What was that again? It's in county, Wexford County. Wexford is the Easter, Southeastern County and Ireland. And when you travel westward from Wexford The next county that abuts it is Waterford and most people know what effort because of Waterford Crystal because of what it for castle and also because Woodford is the place historically. That the beast Oliver Cromwell. Who? Somebody I can't believe it. Megan Megan McCain, Um, commented on something a few weeks back, and she pointed to Oliver Cromwell is a source. I don't know why in the world she would bring up that awful man's name. Hey, was miserable to the Irish. And, um, miserable all around and responsible for, um, killing the king of England. Ending the idea of that the King is descended from God. You can't kill the king. Even in chess. You just not come over, but you can't kill him. But in Waterford, he's the one Oliver Cromwell, who wanted Waterford because there's such a strong pork. And he told his soldiers you go in there and you take Waterford for May. And really, I don't care how you get it. You can come in from Crook's head. Or from hook. So you get it by hook or by crook. Which of the two places look on the map of the south of Ireland on the Atlantic Coast line, and you will see the places of of crooks head and hook and we have taken that in our language as get it by any means. When we say you get it, by hook or by crook. It leads back to an Irish story is not amazing. But that's all just to the west of County Wexford. It's amazing how much you know of Irish history. Well, us that favorite spots I have to tell you. Another outstanding place was Trinity College. You know, of course, the sister. Katherine for so many years had been the arc of this that at ST Scholastica, she's she is a true intellectual. Let me tell you, she was in her glory at Trinity in her glory. Uh, Sure you could tell us all about Trinity color? Well, the interesting thing about Trinity College in Dublin is that when you.

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