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It's time for tweet of the night. tweet over now. So tweeted the night I was going to go with the whole Gordon Hayward Mustache luck and we could have pulled some of the best responses of what is this guy looked like and stuff like that. A lot of people have fallen last night's twitter we're doing that but. I came across this tweet. And I was like. We should do this Isaac Kaley. of the Ringer tweeting hear me out whenever there was a kicked ball violation. The game should just turn into soccer for the rest of the possession and they have to score using their feet. Tell me that wouldn't be so much more entertaining. What do you think Lee is Isaac. Got A great suggestion here when there's kickball hey, play on let's go. But now you've got here's your feet I like get a little wacky for possession I like it because there's quite a few guys out there who you See when the Bulls, the dead ball a role to they pick it up with their feet or you see Steve National headed around mock assault Donna CIOCCI done Joel embiid's a very good soccer player. I. Think just in that position for that remaining twenty four seconds. Why not? Why? Not? Let's have some fun. Let's mix things up a little bit using. It just see someone getting the ball and then heading someone catching out, trying to love it in like it'd be awesome. Yeah. Let's do it. Why not? Okay. Trey what do you think? No don't. Do you shoot with your hand. If, you want to grow soccer in the United States though this is a great way to do it start saying, Hey, if you play soccer, you could eventually play in the NBA as well. Right? But at the very least, they should do something similar if it's a kicked ball. It. Usually if you're the one who kicks it, it's going to be out on you right. The other team gets possession if you're able to when the ball is kicked from your foot and it's still in the you're able to save it and kick it off another player on the other team you get the ball. Okay. You're probably not gonNA be able to score off of a kick, but you should at least be able to have a chance to save your own possession. Okay. Okay. I. Know who hates this suggestion? Our good friend Kelly Dwyer that man hates any time somebody kicks the basketball trust me. Basketball the most disrespectful thing you can do he thinks, don't you see people do it? I'm guilty I've done in Jim you know you whatever you're kicking the ball the side because you're GonNa get to run going or just fun to try and kick a ball through once in a while in Sofa shouldn't do it Katie says you should respect the bachelor shouldn't kick it. Also, says, you shouldn't even sit on a basket I. think you're right. You're right. That's the starting to extreme for me what a great pose that is it is. It is a good. It's a cool feeling to you feel cool. Sitting on a ball on the sidelines. We started this podcast talking about the balls how it sucks. But now it's cool. I'll sit on a basketball tomorrow show. Okay. That's why we win the Webbie's. Circle just like an exercise ball. All right. Let's hear what you think is suggestion there whether it should turn into soccer for one possession if we get kick while I love that idea. All right guys tonight game two of the Western Conference Finals Lakers obviously up. Pretty, convincing game one win. We didn't get Lebron checking out there for a game one. So as my voice slowly goes here, Lee. What's one thing you're watching foreign game too well, if the nuggets can get their offense going a little bit better than they did offer that first quarter on on whatever night that was Friday night I think it was. Because the nuggets need go as Jeremy Grant Michael Porter Jr. hitting threes keeping that flow going, and if they can do that and they can keep the game a little bit closer. Then we're GONNA see can murray takeover like he did in previous series, it's going to be a completely different set of circumstances doing it against the Lakers but if the nuggets all GonNa, win this game they have to close at least give themselves a chance down the stretch that this wasn't really close after the you know sort of second quarter there with the Lakers open things up Dwight Howard open things up. Yeah, exactly. So If you are the nuggets like go to it a little bit closet because his team has shirt at can end games very well if given the opportunity but when you've trying to make up fifteen twenty point deficit against the Lakers that's going to be a tough ask so they just have to keep it close. Really. That's what I'm looking forward again, that'll be dictated by their offense getting. Contributions from guys outside of your Kitchen Murray. Okay. trae watching for tonight the flip side the nuggets defense also has to be better. There was a lot of improvement to be had for the nuggets here and to me the he defensively for them is that they gotta get back in transition because they got killed in fast break points in game one, the Lakers made it a point to run. OFF MAKES OFF MRS off turnovers, and the nuggets aren't able to really play at the same pace as the Lakers when it's when it's a fast game, they WANNA be able to walk it up post up Yokich get some some good actions. But when you're sprinting back to try and play defense, it's impossible to do the second part of it is what are they going to with Anthony Davis how? Are they going to limit his effectiveness part of that comes with getting back in transition I. Don't know if we're GONNA see more double teams. I don't know we're GONNA see but after seeing a D. dominate pretty easily in game one, that's that's another huge area of improvement for Denver Tell You who likes the Lakers chances of going up to own this series Vegas favored by seven and a half league. Tonight which you know. I was like, okay. Shocking thought it'd be a little bit of closer line with the nuggets. Why does it feel like already that they? Have to have two game. So they're gonNA give their best shot but. I'll still take the Lakers by the way to cover that. Yeah. I. Think is a little too much for Denver. Proved me wrong I, hope we get a close game again. Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for joining here on Sunday show emails, your questions or comments like I said for our next beach different podcast. Athletic Com go to know dumps, dot. com get your.

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