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Like i want that dog one of the decoys there gus are tilles from florida he like he i came out of nowhere and just basically you know saved them and got him on the suit and i was mortified i just i got him like five months ago and how you know there's so many people at this protection training protection trial i was so mortified that that had happened and that walker shame back to the parking lot while we were in the in the like in the banquet hall waiting for the results and have dinner and i was just like offset by myself feeling and then the judge his name is he's uspa judge named noel coward and he lives in south florida and into noel comes walking up to me and i'm thinking to myself you know i'm i don't even know what i'm saying to this so sorry comes he's so sorry and he's like i would like to buy that dumber and and you know i said respectfully no but honestly and not not because i didn't think he could handle him it was just like i had i had get control of that dog ear mission is a mission after that i was i don't wanna be and that dog embarrassed me many many times titian but sort of the learning process absolutely is you know i mean if the the thing about the thing about competition as it will humble you hear me out there amongst people who are you know highly qualified and working hard and you know to get back to your question like a lot of their certainly no question that good you networks makes a big difference if you have the genetics is very it's very hard but a lot of people go through like dogs like one after another say didn't have the dinette on didn't have the genetic at some point you have to question the training like you know this is not a podium dog this is not a world like ill never be a world champion dog in your hands because.

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