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Mike Rosen at the movies on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM Mike and Christian back with you were talking about. I man, I I highly recommended by the way, it's also showing an I max theaters, I didn't see it in an I max theaters, but some of those scenes with Armstrong as a test pilot the x fifteen and getting a linseed look at what it was like being in that capsule on its launch pad and his trajectory to the moon, the docking sequences these scenes on the moon. They didn't show in the movie, by the way, the return trip to earth which had its own perils. We didn't talk about the thing that that also is not shown in the. The signature moment was the American flag, and that was caused that big CRA fossil a few weeks back. When people started realizing, hey the planting of the flag, and this is not a spoiler. It's been all over the media is not shown in the movie, and I think a lot of people on the right pounce on this. Instead, it's more Hollywood, liberalism and tried to take away the American spirit. I have to say I disagree. Listen, you could argue back and forth. Whether it should be there. It's a massive part of the story. But I do think throughout the film. It does discuss this as an American effort. This is trying to beat the Soviets to the space race. This is about more than just getting a man on the moon. And there are literal flags throughout the movie. So what's your take on that? Because I thought it was over blown it struck me as a conspicuous omission. It is. And I wonder whether the motivation of the people involved in the movie was, you know, we don't want to seem excessively patriotic especially in the era of make America great again at Donald Trump. And I think they made a conscious decision to leave it out. And I disagree with that. Disagree with it. I also think this director did a lot of things creatively. That didn't seem typical. Like, it didn't seem like a typical Hollywood bio pic, and I think that was maybe one of the things he thought maybe. Well, everyone's expecting the close up of the flag that moment, and I'm not going to give it to them. So, you know, from a creative point of view. I'm okay with it. I do think if you tell the story, and you leave out the American component. That's a significant issue, and that's acknowledging facts. But I don't think they do that who the hell is he denies that. I mean, they do have that quote about the I think the astronauts gonna give a little shout against the Soviets after one mission. And then the classic JFK speech is included the end of the movie in a little bit of context here. Tell us about that New Yorker magazine review. Yeah. I, you know, I'm gonna I'll read the headline. I'll go to the one of the big points here. It says I man Neil Armstrong bio-pic is an accidental right-wing fetish object, which is not not the take is expecting. So, you know, it's well, let me read just a or two it says I man is worthy of enduring as a right wing fetish object. It is a film of diluted cultish longing for an earlier era of American life one defined not by conservative politics. But rather by narrow and regressive emotional perspective that shapes and distorts the substance of the film. That's a wonderful generalization. Does he have any specific evidence that you know? I mean, I think he goes off on similar tangents. Looking over the review? I don't think anything is definitive in backing his up at the end of the day. That's what America looked like. That's what happened. Those are the colors of the people who did what they did. And you really can't change that. I mean, we just alluded. They did talk about some of the protests against the mission. And how there was a cultural against the whole space. The same people saying, hey, we should be spending money. Elsewhere. We are we spent many many many many times more money. Elsewhere. I agree, but you could make an argument that we should redirect funding towards x and y it was nickels and dimes compared to the federal budget..

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