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And gentlemen Children of all ages. Welcome to conservatives Circus with James T. Harris. Why are U s health officials being pushed are pushing hospitals. Administered unused covert antibody drugs. It's report out and CNBC. Say that this is incredible. 600 K doses of Eli Lilly's Regeneron. This is the therapeutic has been shift shipped, and they reduced hospitalizations by 70%. Yeah, and especially among the most vulnerable yet vulnerable. Yet 75% of the doses remain on used what is going on in the center ring of the conservative Circus. We have Dr Jane Orient. As she is the MD She has appeared on major television or radio networks in the United States. Speaking about issues related to health care reform, she is executive director of the Association of American Positions and Surges. Ah, voice for patients and for US Issues. Independence is 1919 43. She is also president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. Doctor Orient is also the managing editor of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. She is a policy adviser to the Heartland Institute and Dr Orient. I wanted to have you on to help make sense. Some of the things we are hearing on seeing is a possible I mean, let's start with this therapeutic thing and hospitalizations. Hospitals are starting to fill up and every day we're hearing that doctors are refusing to prescribe Regeneron and other things that are helpful until the patient is hospitalized. What Is going on. Oh, that's a very good question. And I don't know whether doctors through refusing to prescribe Regeneron. I know that you're refusing to prescribe ivermectin or Mostly based on studies outside the United States at this does prevent hospitalization. As to the antibodies. I know that that they are available in Tucson. At to some medical center and also the Veterans Administration has them. I know of at least one patient who got some by making an appointment and to some medical center. I have heard that they're not being distributed. And I really don't know why I may be just the word hasn't filtered down. Of two physicians, But yes, they are available. You know you have. This is the CNBC articles say like if you're in this category Ah, you should call around and find out which hospitals which doctors are prescribing this because this is like a real crime because it is so effective that you can if you if you get this when you're on the front end. I mean, you could skip this whole thing altogether. I would think that the organ that this is something that would be pushed out by our media and everyone else. You would think that this cheap available safe therapy that's been around for Decades. I mean, every victim was approved in 1981. At least a billion doses have been dispensed worldwide. It is very widely used in veterinary medicine as well. 1965. It's been used by hundreds of millions of patients. You would think that doctors would prescribe that as to the monoclonal antibodies. These are new. There's not nearly as much evidence supporting them, but I don't know that you need your private doctor to write a prescription for for them, I think is that At least it to some medical center. I think you can get get approved from their their doctors to get this infusion. I'm not really sure. But you want to check with your hospitals and and find out back to Jane Orient is the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. He's also president of Doctors for Disaster preparedness. A doctor every day. We're hearing more information about the reactions to vaccines. You haven't been keen on vaccines. Are you still Larry? And if So why? I think that these are novel vaccines. They have not been out for very long, and it's simply effect that long term effects don't show up for long term. On Dave only been tested for about two or three months. Also, for efficacy of that remains to be seen remains to be seen. How long they last the Proponents off even admit that there's no evidence that they prevent transmission. They might just be increasing the number of asymptomatic carrier carriers. Which would not be a good thing, but of reports of side effects are coming out. There were like 23 deaths in Norway, and but that's attributed to they gave the vaccines to people who are about to die. Anyway. You have to wonder, why would they give a vaccine which is supposed to be so scarce to people? You only have a few months to live. That just doesn't seem to be a very good thing. Plus, you know they're more vulnerable to To any side effects, probably just because of their frail situation, but there are there. Well, you know about the bills policy. We have had other neurological effects coming up that occur white after the vaccine. This hasn't really been Tracked down to see just how likely the real association with the vaccine is over, cause positive affected. The vaccine is, but it's new. It's new, and I think that there's a certain amount of hesitancy and being the first to sign up for anything, given the record of the drug companies and putting out drugs. A couple of years later have to be withdrawn because of Anant Isett pated or or undisclosed side effects. Backdoor Ian When this crisis has passed, and your God willing, it will pass will are Burt bureaucracy and healthcare sector? Well, they have some soul searching to do in your opinion. Well, I think they really do. I think that the government has some soul searching to do because, well, it's it's talking about evidence based medicine and following this science, there is no science at all. To show that lockdown help and in fact that there's a new There's a huge amount of evidence to show that it destroys lives that destroys businesses. It's destroying the middle class. It's causing death by suicide by delayed medical care for other conditions. And it was really implemented without any scientific evidence. And now we have some pretty good evidence from a natural experiment in Denmark. It just really does not help prevent the spread of the disease of the casualties from covert 19, doctor or you don't wanna thank you very much for your time this morning. Yeah, that study. That is out is showing that the far more people have been killed by the government response to covet, then have died from Cove it which begs the question. I mean, we talk about the great reset. We talk about how we have government officials who are saying you know what the covert crisis This is the great time for us to make the world the way we wanted to be. That should frightened Everybody. That should frighten you. Well, is that Cornell was talking. Yeah, This is a great opportunity for us degree create the world. What in the image of who in the image off What 890,000 death excess deaths due to the cove. It lockdowns. That's huge. Another story that's not reported everywhere. But this is the new paper by the U. S national beautiful of economic research, and they're estimating that just shy of a million people over the last 15 months. Have died due to unemployment calls by covert lockdowns. Why are they continuing with this? Why are they insisting?.

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