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Class action lawsuit filed against Robin Hood following outrage over game stop. So he has that a news about your money at 6 55 right now you're real time traffic with Kevin Dean. Hey, we're off to a great start out of the South Bay this morning, Ted from the helpful San Diego Honda Divas Traffic center, both in our found five days or five running great out of the South Bay. It is an hour and 20 minutes away reported nor promise Santa cedar, although no troubles getting out to Coronado or bored Cam Pendleton or Miramar. If you normally use if you're coming in from Ramona, and you normally use half a cent a road and then on the Wildcat Canyon to come in from maybe sending a country estates Aaron from Ramona and go down Well, Cat Canyon into lakes. I don't do that. This morning. There's a big chunk of welcome. Canyon Road is closed north of the casino because of some overnight police activity, Sheriff activity and they're asking everybody views Highway 67 giving you a heads up on that closure, so used to 67. Coming in. From Ramona. Down to Lake side. There is an accident of the bottom of the hill there right at Gold Bar Lane. It's cleared out of the lane. So this report is sponsored by San Diego. Hydraulics. San Diego Get ready for San Diego hydraulics, reading truck sales event utility, flatbed dump trucks or custom reading truck bodies. Nobody better call San Diego Hydraulics and 619474 12 66 or visit San Diego. Hydraulics dot com. Coco's next real time traffic update Just 10 minutes away. All right. Time for a look at your weather with 10 news meteorologist Megan Perry. Hey, Megan. Hey, guys. Temperatures will top out in your normal this afternoon with overcast skies. A few Sprinkles to a stray shower can't be ruled out today and then again on Wednesday.

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