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Then we're taking a look right now at Doppler radar as we roll into the afternoon hours, starting to see a little buildup of some rain cloud coverage and some scattered rain showers. Very small, very quick passing over Opal lock and portions a candle where it's currently 90 degrees, Right Elf or Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. Scott 92. It's around 10 31. An investigation is ongoing. This following the arrest of a 16 year old junior from a South Miami senior high in connection to Miami Dade's online schooling cyber attacks. Miami Dade School. Police say the 16 year old admitted toe orchestrating eight of the so called attacks. We don't know how many In total there's been the name of the 60 year old has been released. David Olivera Rose, who police say used an online application toe hack the system. He's charged so far with 3rd and 2nd agree charges the police the FBI Secret Service Florida Department of law Enforcement. They say there may in fact, be more people involved in at these attacks. The latest unemployment figures from the Department of Labor Show Florida had 39,000 people apply for jobless benefits in the last week. That's a drop of 12,000 from the week before. Coming up on 10 30 to Art Basel. It's axed because of Corona virus. You won't see any ripe yellow bananas duct taped to the wall selling for $120,000 this year. Art Basel cancels amid travel restrictions and bands on top of quarantine rules. Bill Talbert, president of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, says he's disappointed but understands. Maybe that first week in December we can celebrate our in the absence of getting ready for our Basel and do some are kind of events the first week in December of Event pumps more than $500 million into the local economy and triples business for owners in Miami Beach, Winwood in the design district. It's rescheduled for December 2nd through the fifth of 2021. Wendy Grossman, NewsRadio 6 10. Taking a look right now. On Wall Street. Tao is off 167 points at 20,933 as deck is down 329 points and the S and P is off by 55 mornings at 11. More Brian, but next I'm Natalie Rodriguez News radio 6 10 WD. I've been spending so much time in my house. I've noticed things I never saw before. Like we have windows in our family room. Where When I'm watching TV and the sun is setting. You can't even see the screen. It's blinding. I know my wife could probably figure it out, but I want to be in Evolved since I'm going to be paying for it. So I've been asking around and I found out about Beltway blinds. They specialize in blind shades and shutters. They're going to come to our house. Meet me and Cheryl and help us figure out what would work with our windows. There. Cove ID compliant.

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