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I didn't see that uh i don't know why i don't care so much about the has is been leak that cream hans rookie earlier i guess i kind of care about that uh anyway i care more about the pro football hall of fame and this is really win these classes are coming out are the guys that i have seen for their entire careers most of them like everson will walls that obviously not but moss owens ray lewis brian thakin's john lynch these are guys that i have seen from the beginning yell and i feel like and that and that's what a lotta people know note that many of the people voting in for the pro football fame now are people that watched came into their own covering football in the 2000s mmhmm so this is this is the wheel house class for people that are you know thirty thirty five between thirty and thirty five years old because we've seen their entire careers where some of these other ones were going back and combing overstay it is six and everything like that i'll just ask you outright name the class oh any eighteen just how many duarte of my prediction i dunno where what's the there's no limit ride home in throwing his main people's foss i'm going with obviously ray lewis k for sure as lock randy moss uh those are the two sure ones that i via early lacquer probably i'm gonna pick will more because i think the rest of these are kind of man i wanna say tony boselli but his career was like really short um give him why he's getting in k um and that's who you think i'm pretty sure those hour um i think that you will have either doc inns or lynch i would think and i would hope it will be lynch and this has always been my beard sounds out water or see that water you went without steve out water you don't have lynch impala malo in read and doc in and stockins no but yet guys that are a generation apart from him are going to get him before him it doesn't make any sense to me so that's the big drum that i bang uh for uh steve out water but i.

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