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You would recommend to more specific for their particular institution. That's exactly right. So what you do is, you'll start off with. steph generates a report. So you get this really thorough report. It's about a forty five page report that goes through every lab. That's out of balance meaning cheater, trending higher low or out of bounce higher explains that any group solve the data into those groupings of you know adrenal thyroid pancreas. What I? I found. Is that people get confused when you when you show him elapsed and you're right in little notes on every page. What each one of those lab values me by the time they get to the like the third pays or I. Don't remember any of this. What we did was regrouped everything into five groups, and you're either in the green, yellow or the red. And all of the scores of populate into those areas, so it's easier to begin to educate people, but it's a pretty sophisticated lab test to start, and then yes, you could break out into other more appropriate tested you more indepth research for example that was auto immunity and you had to do like you know auto immune markers for Lupus or something like that that stuff that you would do when you're interviewing them and you see them. Maybe they've got a diagnosis, or maybe you. You pick up on something and you need to ask him about it. But I think the biggest thing that we still don't have is. A lot of times, people don't even know the basic things that they should do. and. That's the first start like a red blood cell magnesium as a way better way to measure your magnesium status than a serum magnesium, and you can get rid what so magnesium it leading labs, but people don't do. That often and magnesium once again core nutrient big big problems in the US because people don't eat vegetables don't have magnesium. It's essential nutrients gonNA. Cost problems, so pick up on all that. So Do you have any any insurance and said cover? The services that you do for. Is it out of pocket? Well all the all of like retraining physicians now all over that kind of all over the country, so all the labs because they are traditional labs and people are usually coming in with problems they are covered by their insurance. Right if they need a lab test, these are lab that aren't unusual for a for an insurance company cover. And then it's up to the doctor, so a doctors trained in it or for ourselves If people want to come in, they can either be insurance now, like hey. I accept insurance and I'M GONNA. Do Your you all of this that often your insurance co pay is going to be fine, or it can be a gas scenario where the point in saying. Hey I'm working with you more. Is Your coach and I'm taking an hour of time to go over this and plan your program, and it's more of a cash based situation and we have. We have healthcare providers. Nurse Practitioners doctors that do both. Like some of them are more cast. Pay Some more insurance based we're. We're just trying to get the message out that. We think people need to empower themselves. And be their best advocate for their help learn how for your away from your your best good and learn about your metabolism. Your metabolism just isn't faster slow. It's about what you do every day I mean let let's think about it. I have to be reminded debris through acid watch. About that. Right I mean we're. You know we. We've gotTA. Have things. Remind us that we need to breathe deeply. That's when you were were under a pre stressful state of being in in the United. States right now and really globally now and great. I bring awareness to that..

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