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In your life, Your sweetheart. Your significant other Your Children. Your grandchildren. Maybe Grandpa wants to send a little smiley. Now see, my policy is once a once The guy hits 30 years old. No more Emojis to that point. Folks, I am almost nine full years. Emoji sober. I have not sent an emoji. Since I turned 30. That's just one of my policies in life. It just is. Um, So alright to six to texture says Ain't is a word. Yeah, Not now. It is. That's another one. Where I think I think the folks at Webster just gave in to public pressure. 60 yeah, Okay, six always says you do. D thought chicken by placing it in the freezer. Aren't you just thawing it out? If you were to follow me here. Defying is de Okay. I okay. My bad. My bad. I see where you're going with this 60 wait. I got you. You're right. You're right. You're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. You do? D thought something by putting it in the freezer like a double negative. You thought it out? You defrost. If you want to de thaw, you put it in the freezer to six deuces. Why do people say over exaggeration? Another misuse. You exaggerate. And then you over, exaggerate Kyle producing. Any word like that, that just stick in your craw something that is you here when it's misused when it's over, used incorrectly, and it just it just rings in your ear like a bowel. Anything. Get on your nerves like that, or I'm just weird. I can't think of a word off the top of my head but a phrase where people say like it's a horse of peace. You don't like It's a horse apiece. Now. I mean, I don't I don't know what perhaps is too old of a phrase for me that I don't really understand the meaning. But I would imagine that if I had two horses in front of me if they did not explicitly look exactly the same. Then they're not the same thing, right? I mean, they're all different. Not six of 1/2 a dozen of the other, but about that I'm just getting more upset Jeff and Fox point people say The document is in PDF format. You don't have to say format because Thie F in PDF. Stands for format does it not? Okay, 414 You nailed it. This was the one because this is a term that we use in radio. A lot. Just used it this week with somebody. Pre record Now, sometimes in radio. You can't get a guest live, so you'll ask. Hey, can we and I've made this mistake. Do you mind if we pre record Let's think this through. So You're either. Recording the interview ahead of time or it's a live interview. What exactly does a pre recorded are all say pre tape tape. If you can't do it, live weaken pre tape. You can pre taped you either tape weaken tape, the interview. Yeah. I'm so glad that you mentioned that one for one for texture. That was the one that was on the tip of my tongue. But I just completely forgot the other people bringing up irregardless. 262 Hot water heater Hot water does not need heating. There's something wrong. I need a new hot water heater. Well, hot water heater. Okay. All right, I guess. Let's see if I told you once I told you a 1,000,000 times don't exaggerate Interesting. Hey, somebody else saying you defrost? Take a look at this. Here. You defrost the freezer. So that it will freeze faster and better. I gotta think See this is now hurting my head to think about. Um Scott, the phrase that bothers me the most is when people say Have a good rest of your day. Sherry in Hartford, says that Why would that bother you? Have a good rest of your day. I don't follow that one. You'll have to write me Sherry and explain that one for me. What's the difference between flammable and inflammable? I love words, but they drive us crazy, don't they? Do you have a Fraser? I mean, I guess we can. If someone was a call in, we can take it. This is not how we starting on this. Oh Heat index. That's what it was. See Is it fun to trying to trace back the conversation? It's called the hot water tank. Okay. Hot water tank. Self quarantine myself. Self quarantine myself. Yeah, OK, well, 815 year, right. Talk about overused terms literally. I have said that the word literally. Has become Not only misused but overused. And misused. And I'll sometimes fall into the trap, but I'm really cautious of not trying to go down the Literal, literally wormhole, But yeah, literally. Like Don't tell me what it's like. Tell me how it actually is. Words are important people. Words have meaning. How smart.

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