GitHub Engineers Discuss Upcoming Features for GitHub Mobile


What are the upcoming features? Gabon mobile that you're focused on right now. Some of the big ones Bryan talked a little bit about the notifications support I. think that's pretty important to us right now. One of the big ones that we are committed to to reaching at least a V., one of support by the end of the year would be get enterprise support. And get help has a ton of of large customers they use on premises. Installs of enterprise to build build APPs to build their tools to just run their software development teams. Some of these companies you know have tens of thousands of employees, and we really WANNA find a way so that those people can also just as much as the open source, open source or get hub enterprise cloud users have been able to use our APP to build and collaborate on software. We want to do the same for on premise customers. Well. Is there anything else that you guys would like to add about where you see? Get hub going or what changes you anticipate around the Social Network for developers? Think, we're seeing just more and more this liberation from the laptop and the desktop and I think if we project out, you can just imagine the workflows we've talked about becoming better and smoother and faster around triaging and collaborating reviewing discovering I think we can just go so deep. There I'm excited also about like the massive amount of people who have yet to discover get hub, and who aren't developers yet, and what role can get help and like. Finding them projects to learn from and contribute to overall just build more software better faster more securely. It's like this really virtuous cycle that I think we can speed up and make it feel a lot more fluid away from a computer, because not everybody has five thousand dollar Mac books like if we can, but that on a phone, we unlock a lot of software development capabilities for a lot more people, so it's a little, high level and vague and May tibial fluffy answer, but that really is our our approaching this like we can see a lot more activity. HAPPENING ON MOBILE APPS over time, and as people transition to just not needing that keyboard all the time.

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