231 - Small Bigfoot


And welcome my favorite murder the big one. Normal sized one along was a long one. Wet. Not Long not long enough for everyone else as yet though I was gonna say well, though the long one, but the single story just for this week, rights justice just to finish out the circle. Yeah, everyone! You're welcome for giving you something to fight about this. Enjoy your passions. We understand you can't go outside anymore feel. So will give you reasons so. Deeply, upset listen next week we'll come back with a nice three hour and forty five minute episode. We're both I tell each other extensive stories this story of the. And Chris Defection of cry I'm GonNa tell the story of the first seven days of existence in this planet. Ooh, like a father. It's like a father son episode Oh. That's sweet, so yeah, we're GONNA so yeah. Everyone hated the idea that one of one story. In the next hammock. Understandable. Stories. That's kind of what we what we do here's. What can I? Tell you what my sister Laura s? Laura's got the final say. First of all, she doesn't listen. She's not a fan, so she's so. She's coming objectively to this guy, so no one can say of course your sister. My sister goes really at a time like this or change the whole, the whole set up. We were talking about. We're tired at summertime where whatever and she's like. No, no, no, no, this is the time people need structure. They need things to be the same go to McDonalds tastes like McDonalds. Don't fuck around with people at a time like this. I was like Shit Okay I. of course I think only of myself. As we all do I think only of myself so. Yourself? Yeah every other week. Homework sounds great when one of US needs a mental health week and hasn't gotten their story finished. The person has a nice thick story that they can tell. Then we'll do one. A week we'll be back to normal next week. Yeah, don't worry, but also you know. We'll go back to normal next week this week. When we're not back to normal, let's practice flexibility. Let's practice change little states where things aren't as we want them to be. an an practice, our resilience within those moments and right now let's take a deeper thin. And, let it out. Sorry. Aroon. I was trying to lead people in three depressed. Georgia couldn't have ruined and it was. Super fight like. Wasn't even a good one. It was short and forced. You're lucky you didn't throw. You're lucky I didn't grow up. You Stephen is your lucky on. Can we really before anything? Talk about this most recent episode of Thirty Mason I knew, and there's going to be spoilers truly if you haven't seen it where we will not hear it from you after the fact, this is going to be a spoiler chunk getaway. If you don't like it five four, three, two one all right. This fucking show is so good dude i. knew from the tone of your voice that you were registered talking about Perry Mason Yes 'cause. It was like this. Yeah, it was A. FUCKING How hot, unlike messy and dreamy. How'd you say his name? Matthew Rees, will she welshman? Matthew re sounds right. Is it Matthew? Do you know that he has? Can Wine Tour Show? I will listen. I was just casually reading looking him up on Google. Listen no big google search. Come up on my way I just Waikiki. That guy just to see what was going on has a show the Welshman. As tally right now he has a show called the wine show where he and his actor friend Matthew Good with an E. He's like a I think Brunette man. Yeah, yeah, he's. Okay. They all went to the Royal Shakespeare Academy Together I. Bet I'm sure. That that style, you just pre pandemic travel like Italy drinking wine, together and talking about wine and wine varietals, and like slowly getting drunk on wine and laughing about, and he has his fucking beard. Visually Vince level quarantine beard. See, that's the thing about this guy and I'll talk about him as Perry Mason has. because I don't know him any other way, really know he's. I also WANNA talk about being in love with the character. The actor? Michael. I want objectify the Merlot. He's turning. But the that spirit of a man which is, you're fighting your demons overtly. You've got a very nicely weathered leather jacket. You've got sparkle in your eyes. Even when fucked up, shit is happening, but your eyes are also likely dead been around the block.

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