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Bill de Blasio get to that audio here in a moment earlier this week though the NYPD commissioner disbanded a plain clothes and a plainclothes anti crime unit which had a history of high profile police shootings and death as well president trump by releasing a long awaited national plan to address the high number of veterans suicides he's proposing initiatives including firearms safety and wellness programs at work places to the new barriers set near railroads and bridges now according to the sixty six page plan the fifty three million dollar to your effort will include a public message campaign to raise awareness about suicide at a time of increased social distancing in isolation during the pandemic still remains unclear how much of it could result in immediate concrete action much of the effort needs congressional action as well as cooperation from governors and local groups the battle between president trump and social media sites like Twitter is being waged on another level the justice department wants Congress to do away with the legal protections afforded to online platforms now under proposed changes Google Facebook and Twitter and similar sites would lose their shield against legal responsibility for what users post it comes as president trump's men lashing out on Twitter for tagging to his recent tweets with fact checks the president has denounced them as editorial decisions aimed at making him look bad tell him where it hurts that's what some civil rights groups are saying about Facebook this summer they want large advertisers to pull their ad campaigns next month the reason they say Facebook doesn't do enough to stop racist and violent content on the site among the groups seeking at the Facebook ad boycott include the N. double ACP the anti defamation league color change Free Press and common sense Facebook has into is it coming to Donnie T. acts of the trump administration plans to carry on with its approach to world trade pressuring other countries to lower their tariffs on US products and perhaps make it harder for imports to enter the U. S. duty free in testimony before Congress Wednesday trade representative Robert Lighthizer said the administration would push for more change at the World Trade Organization that's the Geneva based enforcer of global trade rules of the administration's accused of anti US bias he described the WTO as a mass that's failed the United States and the international trading system Amtrak is accounting service later this year on most of its long distance routes nationwide three times a week instead of the current daily service because ridership is down Amtrak spokesperson said Wednesday the cuts will take effect October first and remain until at least the summer of twenty twenty one but the the service could be restored if demand picks up Jim Matthews president and chief executive of the rail passengers association advocacy groups of the cuts are short sighted and will hurt long term demand.

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