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With Bill writer. I'll go back in the show Bill writer with you one of the things about doing this for a living. And this is going to sound counterintuitive. Maybe just dumb. Is that you do underestimate. I think it's the psychology of it. That the things you say about people are heard. Just a big star. In my case. And make sure is, um, awkward interactions in green rooms. And Todd Furman, who I think is incredibly talented is a friend is really good. His job. Vegas insider CBS Sports HQ among other places. Went on CBS boards. HQ 24 hour. Dreaming sports network that I'm part of And Said that in effect, Texas Tech was gonna beat Arkansas because there was a huge disparity in coaching talent. And if you watch the game, you know is a really good game. Arkansas won that game was it was it was well thought. Eric Muslims the coach in Arkansas. Now we can agree to disagree. We could be wrong. I think Muslims really good coach. And the degree which I pay attention. Talk to people, right? I can't pretend to watch a lot of our control basketball, but that's the reputation. But you know what, Like Todd's not making this stuff up. Todd's betting his money he's making assessments, all right. After Arkansas one muscle man came out. And felt all the fields. Yeah, take a personal, Musselman said. I mean, who is this guy? He's never called a time out. I mean, you have to go there. I mean, who is this guy? I don't know who he is. Yeah, I took a personal my son brought up in whenever the thing went out. And you right away. So yeah, I take it personal when someone says something like that, And then the wife also created something. Look, I get it. It was like to be criticized. Here's what I'll say. It makes you look really thin skin. You just have to take it. Maybe you don't. You know what? Maybe I'm wrong. No need to be fair. Somebody said about me. I'm a radio try probably going around. Just ripped the hell out of that person. Good from ultimately, I suppose. But Better for Todd Firmin. Doesn't matter what they're saying. As long as they're talking about you. I've never engaged in this. I love doing the radio show I love doing the TV work. I feel really lucky and I am I'm a bit of a paradox. I think in this respect, I will say exactly what I think I will like I don't care. I'm not very good at self promotion. I don't tweet a lot. I'm just not interested in I'm interested in giving you an honest take. I don't do a very good job like drumming up controversy. But it's true. It doesn't matter what they say. As long as they're talking about you unless what they're saying. Under bogus Has to do with UFO's Andrew I think we should do shenanigans because this will put a really Nice little cocoon of joy around what's going to be some very, very significant UFO breaking news. Gonna love it. Ready for the show must go on. It's a whisper. It's a whispering in a special phone on Lee. I can hear it ringing. That doesn't mean we can't talk about it later. Oh, my goodness. The with before each show Nana Egans. Hello,.

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