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You know we. We plan our episodes out like a month month and a half in advance. We're good little Dube's and try to have an idea of what we're gonNA. Talk about you know in a month. Yeah because mart. Our podcast takes a lot of planning. It does takes planning, and we are well aware that due to current events being the hot garbage dumpster fire that they are many people that we know many of our podcast. Friends are doing a podcast blackout and we heavily consider doing that as well. Yes, because I think that's a great idea. We fully support all of our friends and anybody who's doing it i. think that's Great. Yes, however, yeah. We had this. This episode planned out for at least month month and a half now and the person that is in the forefront of this whole story is a very progressive black man. who is extremely underrated in rock music and is often forgotten about. So it made more sense to us to tell his story. Tell his band story. because. Everybody needs to know his story. Yeah, I. Agree. I think that's important. I think just as important as the silence you can also. Celebrate. Lives Yeah I think to tell a story. That's important. Yeah, I think his is. It's I guess not as typical of story typical a life as a lot of people of color experience in America of course his takes place in Ireland in the sixties and seventies eighties, but they're still elements of racism. There's still elements of doubt in there still things that affected him in his life. That affect a lot of people of color still. I do believe I. Correct me if I'm wrong, but and there is a lot of working class. Yes, anger, and they from what I understand. This ban represents a lot of that. Sentimentality yeah, so. We decided to tell the story of thin lizzy. Yes, anyway, because thin lizzy is, it's frontman Phil. Line, it and he needs the respect that he deserves yet i. think it's good to bring more attention to their story, because even in the world of music and rock. Specifically you hear thin. lizzy name a lot, but. I don't know their story. Yeah, you may have heard. The boys are back in town, but do you know any of their other stuff? Did you know that they had lake nine studio albums and their bangers? Yeah, dubs. Yeah, and jailbreak is their song to jailbreak is a thin lizzy song every time I hear it right. This is thin, Lizzy, yeah, and Oh. Yeah, on top of that..

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