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Things we can do is use the bully pulpit of the president and call out this hatred by name condemn it. As the president has done and will continue to do anytime something like this comes up with Representative Madeleine dean suggested one more necessary action that wasn't on the White House list. We have to call out and stop. Bigotry hatred anti-semitism, and we have to do this the other part of this which is gun control. President Trump came to the defense of the National Rifle Association today saying the organization is under siege. By the state of New York's decision to investigate the organization status as a tax exempt nonprofit amid allegations of financial impropriety, the Republican president accused state attorney general teasha James and her fellow democrat governor Andrew Cuomo of breaking the law, though, he did not specify which law US negotiators returned to Beijing for what they hope will be the home stretch in trade negotiations with China. Bloomberg's Irv Chapman reports. The trade deal will not likely put a dent in China's state control, the Konami or long term ambitions, the president of the council on foreign relations, Richard Haass said in a Bloomberg interview. We're looking at a future of economic and strategic competition. And the question is can we agree on certain rules? They're not going to stop trying to push five G, though, we're going to be out there either with. Development projects trade relationships or technology that makes others want to work with us rather than what China China's economic agreements with one hundred twenty five countries which were represented in a forum that concluded over the weekend in Beijing. In Washington, Irv Chapman, Bloomberg radio. President Trump is due to meet with house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer tomorrow to discuss the country's infrastructure needs White House economic advisor. Larry cudlow says Trump is keeping an open mind and doesn't have a plan. It would be a good.

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