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Theme of this show. What the record. Reflect that in normal book club life. I do not always command the go first position by here. We are okay so the book i wanted to share is ending up in my top five of the year and it was absolutely not. I did not start this book with any kind of expectation which is probably why it ended up rising to the occasion. And that is the invisible life of abbey larue by schwab. Have you guys had this one So this was a book of the month club pick. I bought it elsewhere. But i say that to say it was like a big popular novel that i saw from of people and some people that i trust very much shared that they really loved it. My dear friends were sharing that they loved it and i trust their taste but still just looking at this from the outside kind of a not time travel but like sort of fantasy deal with the davel kind of story. I basically started this book as a pallet cleanser. I read two books back to back. The i did not love and was frustrated by those two novels. Were the southern book clubs guide to slaying vampires and then right after that. I read anxious. People by frederick bachmann and both of those books were all over instagram in very popular and i didn't connect to either of those books in fact i was frustrated by both of those novels. So when i started the invisible life of addie larue. It was more just like this. Is sort of a pallet cleanser. I've heard it's a good kind of bestseller quickey read. I'm just gonna read this. I was so surprised by this book. Now i do have a deal with the devil. Meet you at the crossroads. I'll trade my soul for talent. I love those stories like like robert. Johnson steve is that his name robert johnson for the gift of song. So robert johnson. Stephen king maybe. I don't know like i love these stories. Feel there's a strange element of troops to these stories..

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