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Now your camo consumer tip. Here's Herb Weiss Bomb. Leptospirosis is a nasty bacterial disease that, if not treated quickly can kill your dog or cause long term kidney or liver damage. Tanya Donovan is a veterinarian Charness that Animal Medical Center of Seattle and we've actually had some dogs that have come in in such bad kidney failure that they needed dialysis to recover, so it can be a really serious infection. Now there is a vaccine that can prevent most cases of leftover many dogs. Don't get it because their pet parents or told We don't have left over in this area. We do. We absolutely do. I personally have diagnosed several cases at this clinic with leptospirosis. I'm passionate about this because my dog Sam got left out when he was young and nearly died. The bacteria that causes leptospirosis or spread through the urine of infected animals, rodents, raccoon, skunk, squirrels or even deer, which could get into the water or soil and survive there for weeks to months, every dog in this area barring any other underlying conditions should be vaccinated for left. More about this in the consumer section of co Moh news dot com. Her wife's bomb Co mon, Are you a survivor sexual abuse while in the Boy Scouts, you may be entitled to compensation as a result of thousands of victims filing sexual abuse claims. The Boy Scouts have filed for bankruptcy protection and the bankruptcy courts at November. 16th 2020 is the deadline for abuse survivors to file a claim. If you are survivors, sexual abuse while in the Boy Scouts, you may be entitled to compensation. Call 807 11 96 55 That's 807 11 96 55. For more.

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