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I've seen the exact opposite at Laurie Allen other health and beauty where you know. The male vanity is growing almost as quickly as the unbelievable sports skills that I've seen in women in the equality that I. Do you see that trend in in his? At one of the marketing focuses you through the few decades here seeing the evolution of your products and solutions. Yeah the especially over the last. Few years with the rising. Trend as people are focused on health and wellness, abuse and natural extension of that and people are just looking to take better care of themselves, and fortunately for us. We have a pantry load of products. That help them do that whether it's men or women. Interestingly a Lotta people draw from their sports, experiences, men and women. I personally draw from my modeling experience. A lot of people don't know but migrate. In his been Laurie I'll model of been blasted. Promote the camouflage product, which is a great way product. Yes, you don't see it now because I've been in the closet for ten weeks, but it's the first product that I can't wait to get back to. Because I looked so great with it on. You have a sports background as well. That is influenced your career in your life and your attitude. Is there a certain story or lesson that you've learned from playing sports that is applied to being CMO of L'OREAL. Yes sure I think sports have been a defining part of WHO I am how to work together with a team how to go after a shared goal and really to feel the shared winning success, but one story in particular and I can take you back to a time when I was fifteen years old I had always been a multi sport athlete and as As I was going into high school I didn't have a false sports, and I heard about field hockey and I thought well. This sounds kind of interesting. Why don't I want to try that? And and as a matter of fact, field hockey is one of the oldest team sports. It was started by the ancient Greeks, so it's three thousand years old men play it..

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