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The shore. Hopefully, we'll have a few more busy weekends to stretch out the summer season. City Council president Darryl Clark says those protest encampments in his district need to be shut down. Recapping our top story. The deadline for protest encampments to clear out has come and gone. No reports of any forced evictions so far, all that's ahead in the next 15 minutes. Good morning. I'm Brandon Brooks. Founder Bark on the editor's desk. For the coffee officials there telling protesters to leave those encampments in north Philadelphia and fat and Fairmount and for the district councilman who represents both neighborhoods. The camps can't be shut down fast enough. One of the new city Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe Council president, Darryl Clark, sees a paradox in housing advocates occupying land that could transform the quality of life of a black community that has suffered generations of disinvestment. The North Philadelphia and Campen is on the site of a planned $52 million project that includes a Superman. Arc it a health centre and housing issue. One cried black lives matter, And I kind of think this fits that mold on development that deals with all those disparities that is being built by an African American developer, Encampment organizer's argued too much of the land is for parking, and there should be more than 92 units of housing. They have allies on City Council freshmen members Kendra Brooks and Jamie Gotta say they think the encampment should stay. But Clark, who has represented the district for 20, Years there blocking a development already long overdue. Having minorities be involved in development and a minority communities have full access to all the things that are in other communities. Pat Lobe Y W News radio Well Monday marked the end of the traditional summer tourist season at the Jersey Shore, but Because of the pandemic. Short towns are looking back on the season with a lot of disappointment. Here's K Y W. Xander Kramer, Ocean City's mayor says This was an extremely challenging summer. Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron seconds that Weatherwise fantastic summer But I think businesswise across the way was it was a summer night and took it all like he feels bad for those shops, especially the ones they couldn't even get off their feet. Well, something maybe paid their bills. And then there's some business that just Just open, But the short doesn't just completely closed after Labor Day. Most of the big fall events in Wildwood may be canceled. But Mayor Byron is still hopeful, with schools and offices going remote for the immediate future. People will still fill the town's through this month into October. Giving business is a little extra time to recoup their losses. Crowds won't be is great, but I think that we're gonna have a lot of people down here. Those crowds won't be seeing and hearing a major attraction in the Wild Woods, though the trap cars which usually run roll into September Are already shut down until next year. Andrew Kramer came what have you news Radio? The top ranks in the Rochester, New York Police department are stepping aside the police chief and several of his time deputies, either retiring or giving up their command positions, CBS News correspondent Jurika Duncan reports. It comes days after protests of the death of Daniel prude. We want to make sure that Mr Cruz death changes how we do policing in this city. That was Rochester, New York police chief Laurent Singletary at a press conference on Sunday. Now, just days after being accused of misleading the mayor of Rochester, he's announced his retirement releasing this statement. As a man of integrity. I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempted to story my character. The events over the past week are an attempt to destroy my character and integrity of the mayor says she had not asked Singletary to resign, later said he will remain on the force until the end of the month. 9 19 the case wide open Your scoreboard now sponsored by Rosengarten Roofing is scheduled there for your free roof. Estimate at roof. Nick dot com. The Philly split their double header with the Red Sox yesterday, walking off in the first game, 6 to 5, dropping the 2nd 15 to 2 the countdown to the eagle season, four days in the Bird's general manager pretty excited about his flub. Here's Kate Want W's Dave, you ram. I promise to represent our fans on the road and at home with the same passion and energy that they have. Howie Roseman is looking forward to this season. One which to him has playoff expectations, he told W P. They did not build this team to sit at home in January is going to be a About how we handle adversity. How the team comes together. How the guys step up for injured players. How are death ends up playing and all those things we have to go out? Improve it. Roseman spoke glowingly about his roster and the improved secondary. He feels this team has speed, which it lacked in 2019. When Doug Peterson was on W. E P this week, the head coach chose not to answer the playoff question. But he did say he'd likes where the team currently is One game of the time mentality. That's what that's what I preach to the team and quarterback Carson Wentz said. Sunday. I feel weird with no fans and all of that, but we completely feel like we're in game leak is normal football mode, and hopefully fans can feel that a little bit, You know, watching on Sunday and get back here, little sense of normalcy. Davey ran K Y w News radio. O'Brien's been keeping an eye on opening schedule for the Tacconi Palmyra Bridge will update that coming up next in traffic. It's 9 20. Your community. I.

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