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Of the earliest elements bay packers goal so blocks in even in the early stages that wasn't the the point of what google was doing and what motorola's doing and so that was always sort of there's always some dissonance there but i think it goes the environmental sign because this is like an device that you would never kind of by i get it by one snead by parts and you have a zone for maybe not forever but for a long period time and so was it was up ending everything was up ending like the way a i works around so it was and it just it it wouldn't have worked it with the mess play he would have shaken me you know rout of the whole industry and but if it didn't rout of the industry no one was going to notice and so was always going to be this crazy idea always i have all these different elements including including the environmental side but i think would've motivated a lotta ayers but is sort of an all or nothing deal and that's that's kind of the way scheme phones are you that's why phones or so designs to work for everybody instead of it being like what what if there's a screen microphone because you're musician or whatever it just hasta work for everybody and i think that's kind of the most active goal financially you know make sense but they're boring in terms of you know originality your character all thank you harrison so much for joining us i really am i really enjoyed rating of pace and i mean i think is ten turn la sometimes we have to switches that's like modulator it is the next.

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