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Virginia only please gamble response. Gambling problem. Call 1 805 2 to 4700. We have a crash on the 57 in Diamond bar. Hands up here. We've got Highway patrol on the scene, and they are trying to get this wreck cleared out of lanes on that north found side coming up on Diamond Bar Boulevard. It's been blocking the right lane and that has been loading the drive up out of Raya getting away from just about just about Diamond Bar Boulevard. We're seeing delays on the southwest side of the 57 as well out of breath from Lambert. In stretches all the way to catella. We've got Michael Brian taking a look at mid city KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Troubles just clearing up on the 10 Santa Monica Freeway eastbound looks like just a hair pass Crenshaw Boulevard. They just cleared off the freeway there a few minutes ago, adding, go very tough drive from downtown Santa Monica starts about 20th there. That will be heavy into downtown Los Angeles from there, up ahead, some more slowing out of City Terrace on and off in the West Covina, and it looks like even beyond that into the end of the empire. The 10 eastbound right around Central Looks like they're displaying ample problem out of lanes. There. That's backing up to Kellogg Interchange and another problem and unusual trouble spot. It's the Ted westbound around cedar heading into Fontana and Bloomington. There Looks like claim to block and that's already slammed up from the 2 15 injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Michael Brian, if I had the Sky Porter Ranch, the 1 18 eastbound delays from DeSoto as you travel ahead to Balboa Boulevard. KF Eye in the sky, Help sketchy there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez. This report is sponsored by grocery outlets at grocery outlet Bargain market. You can get otherworldly deals on incredible brand name items every day. It's what they call bargain bliss check. At the amazing.

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