What Defunding the Police Looks Like for Women - burst 14


Right. Though there have been a few cities that have started to look at the budgets and redistribute funding such as California. New York and Minnesota have also been cities that have disbanded and rehired police. The results seemed to be uncertain as. Again the data isn't clear, isn't there are the policies did not change in the greater picture, or it's pretty new in some places, so and specifically. We just don't know we were as we are researching. Camden Metro. Police Department has come up repeatedly and as we said at the beginning of the show. It doesn't necessarily show any change, but because even though they did one thing, they didn't do the other. If that makes sense though they did put a lot more of their budget into police, deescalation, programs and community health programs, and and it does show that there have been a significant decrease in arrests for them, since then however, they're still reports from the citizens saying that they have had times where they've been profiled and or Mistakenly rested and use the same taxes that we've seen in same

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