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Looking forward to the ticket you are named after my favorite quarterback he'll be fran tarkenton oh i get that all the time that's awesome great great player was your favorite quarterback too i'm sorry were you named after him was your favorite quarterback no though no no my father who took a lot of golf because it's a sort of a sort of an unusual name for a man these days but but fran tarkenton is the man oh absolutely the man the man could map plays in the dirt and wing what's your category seventies or eighties that goes seventy seventy eight from the seventies friday night i crashed your party friday night i crashed your party sunday night i know and having fun okay maybe iraq crazy billy joel you may be right sometimes they got to remind them when they're right let's go to the george is in holland township new jersey one oh one point five hi george i'm good how are you all right i got everyone right that you basically played so far so let's try my luck okay are you going seventies or eighties eighties right from the eighties you get here i knew you'd be a vision in white how'd you get your pants so tight oh my god.

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