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It's just a matter of time. Walter's believes everyone who had to be rescued here survived. But right now the river is running very cold. Strangers like these from a rescue along the Stillaguamish River can take swimmers by surprise. Cuomo News time. Now 506 we have added 672 Mork confirmed cases of covert 19 just in the past 24 hours here in this state, and that's pushed Washington well over 49,000 confirmed infection So far, Carmel's Brian Calvert reports. There's currently no end in sight for this dramatic uptick at the current infection rate. It's possible we could hit 50,000 cases today or tomorrow. In a block post yesterday, the state Department of Health wrote that the number of people testing positive is higher than it's ever been meaning. The second wave is here with a vengeance, and we really lost the momento, um from the very early days where we were able to curb down. Health Secretary John Wissman also revealed datas that suggests Copan, 19 is not just running rampant in young adults, but now it's spreading like wildfire among teens and Children. The second wave is so bad that the UW's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has raised its forecast for the number of deaths here in Washington by 800. Their models are now saying thirty three hundred three deaths in the state by November 1st right now were at 14 68. Brian Calvert Camo news. Thousands of students across the state will not be returning to the classroom this fall. But we will be learning from home due to the surging covert 19 numbers more from coal, Moses and fun, and Mason is worried. She's got three kids, one of them in fourth grade in Bellevue School District. Bellevue District just announced it and many others, like Seattle Public schools can't and North Shore School District will be starting school in the fall, with 100% remote learning for all its families. I'm actually shocked. I really thought that it was going to be some kind of a hybrid program. Now this is very different having to try and figure out homeschooling having to figure out what to do with the other kids unless having a baby at home North Shore School district superintendent explains what it's doing to help working parent It's those parents who require childcare. We're going to continue to partner with our community childcare providers. We never had a time where we were full in our child care. We had generally 50 to 60 open spots. Some people are concerned remote learning will be unfair to disadvantaged families in county executive's plan to gradually phase out the King County jail in downtown Seattle is raising some questions about where the inmates will go. He spoke with comas. Matt Markovich is old and it's outmoded, and it's gonna have to go. King County Executive Tao Constantine is talking about the 34 year old to 12 bed downtown jail. He wants phased out of existence and replaced with something non traditional people were went into.

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