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Okay. Well, he's really cute. I mean, it thank you so much, but he's not a bachelor guys. Yeah. You know, put those I don't know. I just I just I like to get to know a guy before I even like if you were to send me up with the sky. That you just showed me I would be nervous to go set up with a B setup with them because it would be all under the I would have to get to know him in that moment. And what if I don't like him, you know, and then I'm on a date with him. And I have to go on the state with this guy. Don't like that's why like the bachelor guys because I'm like, I know them, and then I could just go on a date with them. And be like, I already know you. That's why I'm constantly on Ryan. I'm look I'm not looking for new guys. I'm I'm looking for guys that I know from TV or from public riot is what is called riot birdie in quotes. How do they how do they how do you get on that like you have to apply, and like they have to you have to have like so many articles written about you or something? I don't know. I think it was all about like your Instagram at first. And now it's like I've had to approve my friends that are asking you have to like be friends with someone who's already on Ryan they have to give you a the. But the thing is riot is not celebrities. I thought it was going to be like just this. I heard Joshua Jackson was on it. And I have seen him on there. But there's not many Josh Jackson. There's like a. Famous on it. Most of it is just I call it riot is just DJ's jumping off of yachts because it's just guys. Posting pictures of themselves jumping off of yachts that they don't own. Is that a thing to post a picture jumping off a yacht? Yeah. It's a common thing that you see on riot is like guys like on yachts jumping off of yachts like doing the worm at a wedding being at a picture with Emily Rhodesia ski like people just throw one guy. John riot had like gee-gee Hadid like on his shoulders. And it's like all these like, it's all DJ's that are friends with supermodels..

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