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On a visit to FEMA's headquarters, the president said the country will spare no expense or effort in keeping Americans safe. We all know that the storms are coming. And we're gonna be prepared. We have to be ready Saga Room agony. Washington The Kremlin and the White House is trying to work out details of a face to face meeting in Switzerland next month between President Biden and Russian President Putin. Florida Governor Rhonda Santa signed a bill seeking to punish social media platforms that remove conservative ideas from their sights. The Dow finished up 188 points. This is AP News Week Long manhunt is over. In South Carolina, a man charged with killing four people is in custody. Methodical search led to the arrest of Tyler Terry in the woods of South Carolina. Here's Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey courtesy Wsoc TV. He was taken into custody custody safely. No shots were fired. More than 300 officers helped in the search. I believe he was certainly ready to run, but he was just he was surrounded. There were several sightings of Terry since he ran from a wrecked car after firing on Chester County deputies. The car was driven by Adrian Simpson, who faces charges along with Terry in the killing of her estranged husband. Terry is charged with murder for a shooting in York in early May, and the deaths of two other people in Missouri. I'm Jennifer King, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal from a retired federal law enforcement officer. Was put in a choke hold and wrestled to the ground at a V, a hospital security checkpoint. The justices did not comment in refusing to revive a lawsuit filed by Jose Oliva. I'm a Donahue. AP News Coronavirus Update. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP News MINUTE stocks finished higher. The Dow up 186 points. Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation banning so called vaccine passports as Alabama becomes the latest state to try to prohibit proof of a Corona virus vaccination to enter a business or building leaders of the European Union agreed on sanctions against Belarus. Including a ban on the use of you airspace at airports over the force diversion of a passenger jet between two you countries to arrest in opposition journalist This is White House press secretary Jen Psaki was a shocking act. Diverting a flight between two EU member states for the apparent purpose of arresting a journalist constitutes a brazen affront international peace and security by the regime. We demand an immediate, international, transparent and credit pregnant, credible investigation of this incident, A brief video clip of the journalist who ran a popular messaging app that played a key role in helping organize protest against the authoritarian president was shown on Belarus State television. I'm Ed Donahue..

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