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Wayne. It's in eight hundred here and Our quantity how much we actually sell is a lot higher versus some other cities in price. Points were accustomed to I've been personally. I've been in the business for twelve years. I am a licensed negotiator. i have also my license. Brookefield hardest Something i always recommend is our city is about oil and gas. The medical So my first year. I got my license to relocation with our biggest relocation firms which is medical oil and gas cardis and brooksfield Something a think about within the city that you live in and i've been at douglas element gosh to Time five having fun two years in february so carson. I've been team now for six months six months march yen Carson till a little bit about herself So i started out in property management and got really burned out so decided to get my real estate license In have a really great network in huston seventh generation texan and then generation houstonians family If any of you have heard of the houston rodeo helped found that and the country clubs in town so really old houston Know with friends whose grandparents with mine and it just longline so age. John and i actually also grab brown owner from each other in have a lot of mutual friends. Even though we have a small age gap our networks kind of also intertwined. But i've also got a nice major a huge a huge farm and ranch background. My dad's a big rancher and landowner into texas in colorado and He produces in house out on a western show called yellowstone and then also has a magazine. That's like it's called cowboys. The end nets really large for the western lifestyle and so that's helped us with advertising bartman ranch And then getting clients like that because a lot of people are moving to texas. So i've done five sight unseen from california alone this year so And carjacking everybody. I'm talking. she was moving at texas idaho. Tennessee and florida. So you're not lying. It's yeah so so really. Adrian is really experienced. Ryan a little bit newer. But i'm super well networked kind of bring the farm and ranch aspect as well as doing You know all our transactions to large transactions in the luxury market of our great city in overall teams are very new here in huston. The concept has been really. I think the first You know it has been like. He said main agent with the Assistant and staff So i think what makes us so different is that we're getting to each other Actually i i suggest picking someone that different to you in regards of the team. Just because that makes you more successful My strong states are negotiations contracts. Obviously experience and were carson's strain star more networking marketing You know kind of bringing people to the table. And then adriana helped a lot with the transaction. As i'm learning so bringing in auto business here and so we do with our dynamic and our team. I think we always recommend to being able to pet it. Check your egos at the door. We arrive pretty humble between the two of us land We take it a deal by deal. Why shoji her own transactions. I'll do my own transactions than when it's the right fit will bring her or vice versa. Or if. I think john would really help me with something or being. You know the. She's better at doing than i'll bring her. Animal negotiate different splits So everything that we do is deal by deal. It's kind of like an open marriage Where we are. We're on the same thing but we can also go and you know if i have something else partner with someone else that we are still a team..

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