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I'm Del Walters coming up. The Justice Department asked for the records from Apple on White House counsel Don began the former council back in 2018 coming up at 6 10. We'll talk to a reporter from politico about whether the Democratic slate of candidates in Virginia is diverse enough. A global conference for brothers and sisters of individuals with disabilities. I'm Mekeisha James Food Insecurity among Children is on the rise. Look at nutrition programs that could help I'm Melissa Howell Morris. But Tony Act as our producer, it is 6 31. CBS NEWS BRIEF. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling on the Republican colleagues to join Democrats in the push to subpoena former attorneys General Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions. The two have come under fire in recent days for secretly seizing the phone data of two Democratic members of the House Intel Committee. As well as former White House counsel Don McGahn, the sins of the Trump administration. In fueling infrastructure development in places that most badly needed and four and fighting climate change. I do, CBS news Poll finds Most Democrats think employers should be able to mandate vaccinations for their workers, while six in 10 Republicans do not CBS News brief, Um at Piper. It's 6 32 of the G seven, wrapping up in the UK today President Biden talking about how the G seven will deal with the economic competition presented by China, the G seven explicitly agreed to call out human rights abuses and seeing Jang and in Hong Kong. Explicitly to coordinated common strategy to deal with China. Non market policies undermine competition that agreed, and that's underway now how to do that? Three to take serious actions against forced labor, uh in solar agriculture and the garment industries, because that's where it's happening, and the next heads to Brussels, Belgium, for that NATO meeting tomorrow. Then he meets with Russia's President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday. But before that, you stopped at Windsor Castle to meet with a queen for tea before departing for those meetings. Strolling in the sunshine outside Windsor Castle, the president smiled broadly as he reviewed the troops and their famous bright red uniforms and black Bear skin hats after tea with the queen, he told reporters. Did you invited to the White House? Yes, Minister. Biden also said the queen reminded him of his mother not sure how her match will respond to that. One. Vicki Barker, CBS NEWS London, It seems that most Americans trust Biden to negotiate well with foreign leaders and ABC News Ipsos poll finding 52% of Americans are confident that Biden will represent the US well when making deals. Also, that's three and 10 Republicans, 44% say America's standing has strength. In 36% say it is weakened. 48% of those polled had high marks for the former president Donald Trump, and still ahead while the Southern Baptists don't seem to be turning The other cheek. At 6 34. If you've tried antidepressants and talk therapy, but continue to feel depressed, you should know it doesn't have to be that way. Green BROOK TMS.

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