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Other companies do Our promise of same day service 7 days a week isn't just an option It's who we are Just call them a former Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red George Wallace is here All right the nationals will try tonight to get a win against the Marlins didn't go so well last night as the nationals losing yet again 8 to two now 12 and 25 on the year as Aaron Sanchez didn't make it out of the fourth By the way they really packed them in last night in Miami 6000 people Oh really Yikes Ticket down there Might need a discount a few hot dogs Yeah Get people in They saw some bad baseball too Now the more another couple errors for the nationals over the last 5 losses they've been outscored 30 to 6 And it failed to score more than two runs in a game a couple more errors last night just sloppy baseball closed door meeting with the skipper after the game and they'll play again this evening two in Miami before heading to Milwaukee For the weekend the wizards and the draft lottery tonight for the third time in four years for the Eastern Conference final game between the Celtics and the heat will find out the draft lottery wizards should pick somewhere between ten and 12 tenth best odds at a top four pick They Conference Finals do get underway this evening in Miami where the Celtics and the heat then warriors mavericks toward Wallace wilby sports The top stories we're following this hour on WTO the FDA authorizing a COVID-19 booster shot for healthy 5 to 11 year olds the hope is that an extra vaccine.

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