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In that big ball comes in at midnight to welcome in 2018 andrew vows earn ten ten wins reporting live from the times square paul andrew in many parts of the globe the new year celebration is over that's how it sounded in moscow with music and fireworks shortly after midnight local time the very first nation degree 2018 was the pacific island of samoa while we're revellers shadow off fireworks and took part in a tradition of dancing juggling people from all over the world visit samoa four new year's eve just so they can say they were among the first to celebrate samoa used to be the last country in the world to celebrate until the little island changed its timezone moving itself from the eastern side of the international dateline to the western side 2018 arrived earlier this evening in germany and britain a small plane full of american passengers has crashed in costa rica killing everyone on board the new york post reports that the victims included a family of five from scars dale corresponded marcy gonzalez reports the rican officials say the plane owned by nature air took off from putin easily to heading for the capital san jose when it crashed around twelve fifteen local time costa rica's former president laura chinchilla tweeting that her cousin juan manuel retana was the pilot there were at least ten passengers on board all americans and to costa rican crew members the post identifies the victims from scars stale as attorney bruce steinberg his wife irene who was active with the uga federation and their three sons wins news time 806 those giant lottery jackpots that were up for grabs this week have just gotten a whole lot bigger there were no winners neither friday night's mega millions drawing or saturday's powerball so now the mega millions jackpot will be at least three hundred and forty three million dollars in the next drawing on tuesday and one day after that the powerball while grand prize will be at least four hundred and forty million dollars the budget director four new york state says there is a deal in place to fund the gateway tunnel anew thirteen billion dollar tunnel under the hudson river that's considered critical to the areas longterm economic vitality robert mujica says new york and new.

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