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Of the water today in North Carolina officials evacuated okra Coke island, which last year took a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian. President. Trump, in his daily briefing today, said the effort to produce a Corona virus vaccine is continuing with unprecedented speed Trump, saying he thinks we could have a vaccine in place far in advance of the end of the year. The president also again, said schools need to reopen inventors. He put it a permanent lock down is not the way to move forward. It's important for all Americans to recognize that a permanent lock down is not A viable pass towards Producing the result that you want or certainly not a viable path forward and would ultimately inflict more harm that it would prevent President's remarks come as the U. S death toll from covert 19 now tops 155,000. House and Senate Democrats have issued subpoenas for several top State Department officials and in an investigation over the firing of the department's inspector General Moore from NPR's Michelle Kelemen. The leaders of the House Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees and the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee say they believe the administration is covering up the real reasons for the internal watchdogs firing at the time of his ouster, Inspector General Steve Linen was looking into the administration's decision to green light arms to Saudi Arabia over the objections of Congress. The lawmakers have already interviewed one former State Department official about the weapons deal. Now the Democrats want to hear from others, including the undersecretary of state for management and the acting legal advisor. Michelle Kelemen. NPR NEWS Washington Stocks closed higher today is a new survey showed manufacturers are continuing to rebound from the Corona virus recession. There's NPR's Scott Worsley. The survey of factory manager shows both orders and production picked up steam last month. All the major stock indexes gained ground to start the week. The Dow rose 9/10 percent S and P 500 index was up nearly 3/4 of a percent. And the tech heavy NASDAQ jumped nearly 1.5%. Stock and Microsoft rose more than 5.5% of the company continued talks and acquiring the U. S operations of TIC Tac President Trump had threatened to ban the social media app used for sharing short videos. Over concerns China could use it to gather data on Americans. Clorox reported a surge in demand for its cleaning and disinfecting products during the pandemic. Never the last. Clorox shares fell nearly 2%. Scott Horsefly. NPR NEWS Washington Taking look at the numbers, the Dow is up 236 points. The NASDAQ rose 157 points. The S and P 500 closed up 23 points today. You listening to NPR. Live from Kait Tweedy News. I'm Danielle Benton For the first time since the Koven 19 pandemic hit in California, a state board is posting information about infections in county jails and juvenile detention. But Julie Small reports. It's not a complete picture. How many people in county lock ups have been tested? How many infected how many died? We still don't know. But most counties air starting to report those numbers to the board of State and Community Corrections. Independent chairs, the oversight agency. This is our first week a bit of a test drive right, but we're pretty confident in what we're getting. But Brian Goldstein, with the center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, says critical information is still missing. The data we do have. It shows limited testing in these facilities and at the same time outbreaks which are occurring some major county. Such a San Francisco haven't yet reported recent cases, and the state is only planning to collect data going forward. I'm Julie. Small news. San Jose is providing 11,000 Internet hot spots to students and residents around the city in the coming weeks in a public private partnership with Auntie Rhonda Johnson is president of T California. Each of these mobile hot spots one could unlimited plan for data for 12 months to keep distance learning more accessible to the student. The Santa Clara County Office of Education will work with school district's to identify 8000 Children who need access by the start of this coming school year. The same has a public library will hook up 3000 library card holders for 90 days at a time. I'm Daniel Vent in routine is support comes from fieldwork brewing. Featuring same day delivery of craft beer, seven Bay Area locations. Online.

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