President Trump, Dr Marc Siegel discussed on Mark Levin


That is he not he's outside his lane and all of those areas I think in a way it's a testament to the president that he never gets credit for that he likes voices in there that speak differently and he can the size it up and put it together but he he talked about he is a really brilliant man who needs to stay in his lane and understand that he reports to the president he's there at the pleasure of the president he's there to inform the president he's not there to make public policy states and I actually been wondering if these young kids who should be in elementary school and so forth middle school twenty years from now what is the social impact of the missing half a year of school just as you're learning how to socialize and get along with other kids I'm hearing that from my own kids there it's like a piece of their life has been taken away there's only so much you can do it on a computer maybe one third all of that socialization which is what college is about which is what high school is about it's a real tragedy it's not on the table I don't feel that schools are on the table we have to fight that and Furthermore there's no public health reason for it it's not there's no evidence that you're going to end up spreading more virus are getting more people sick by having this school's open Dr Marc Siegel you you're the best and I really appreciate you you take complex subject to make it easier to understand and we look forward to having you back Sir my pleasure and great honor to be on mark thank you and god bless now when I tell you about the honey not my honey hello I'm happy to tell you about it you know we all shop online a lot but did you know you can make online shopping even better you can.

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