IRS Announces Taxpayers Can Make Checks Directly Payable To Any Corporation Or Billionaire They Want This Year

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The onion and onion public radio. This is the topical I'm Leslie Price. Mother fucker and we'll be right back. Hey, does anyone know who I talk to about getting my w two? If there's one thing everyone hates. It's doing taxes. However, the Internal Revenue Service recently announced a major change that they're hoping will make it easier this year for taxpayers to file OPR's financial correspondent Marcy Hammond joins me now with more on this marcy. What can you tell us well as lead the? IRS is rolling out a new system that will cut out the middleman so to speak starting this year. Year tax payers are instructed to just make their checks payable to any billionaire they want. It certainly does get rid of a step or two, but what led to the IRS making this change well irs funding has been cut by twenty five percent in the last ten years leaving the agency understaffed and under resourced. It takes a large workforce to get all that money into the pockets of the. The wealthy so from the tax agencies point of view. This change kills two birds with one stone. I spoke with Iras agent Marcia Krieg. Who explained how it works? Sending money to us have become irrelevant wasteful step. The IRS would cash taxpayers checks only for the funds to then be transferred to billionaires in the form of corporate subsidies, tax breaks and money grants for the corporations, but having tax payers. Payers right there. Check directly to Mike Bloomberg. Bill Gates or anyone in the coke family really streamlines that process so tax payers choose which of the nation's richest CEO's. They send their money to to be honest. It doesn't matter any of the five hundred and forty billionaires in the United States will do because your cash is eventually going to end up going to them anyway. However Payments Jeff Bezos. The fastest interesting, and how has it been working out for those who have already filed their taxes this year? Well I spoke to a few taxpayers, and so far they seem to think this new rule just makes sense. It was really easy. I paid my billionaire online turbo tax offered me some suggestions to choose from Howard Schultz Jack. Dorsey I chose the Elon Musk option and with just a click I deposited the money right into one of his. His offshore accounts I went down to H. and R. Block and ended up owing two hundred dollars to mark. Zuckerberg. I thought about fudging the numbers a bit, but facebook probably House on my financial that already in I. Don't WanNa on it. That brings up an interesting point. What if you owe a lot of money and taxes and the time to pay off or to get an extension? Well Billionaires Larry. Page Jamie, Dimon and the Walton family of. Of already set up their own tax, departments offer payment plans to tax payers, but just a warning. The interest rates are very high. It might be your only choice if you can't afford to pay. Just don't try to duck out on paying unlike the IRS, these tycoons wield a lot of power, and they will ruin you. Good advice but marcy I have to ask. This information has been out for a while now and today is tax day it. It seems like all. This information would have been more helpful to our listeners a few weeks even months

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