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They'll be a sound defector this sherry just look at your palette big could be any one of those so a worried resident in germany alerted police to what he thought was it world war two bomb in his garden lee's rush dover so the police are summoned to the scene it's in bretton b r e t t e n near the southwestern city of acitivists net if i care protested who were okay it doesn't matter it's in germany somewhere the closest big cities berlin so it eighty one year old guy calls the police says there's a bomb in my garden i'm thinking it must be at old world war two bomb police arrived well the ats big dark and color proximate levin pounds it kna it was aizu keita very large zucchini the only thing they can think of his cabinet guy the old man said i have my i don't grows ukainian it's a semis who whose aquinas that i thought it was a bomb so they're thinking that it was the neighbor on the other side of the fence who did grows who katie for whatever reason didn't like that when a through it over the it's that abbaba zucchini kobe hit by the other what he thinks this is funny i this is hilarious get them i give you one more wind more from our hilarious correspondence this is is this from yesterday is today oh i've got the wrong news call i put it up all.

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