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This very weekend. You can also watch his new half hour comedy series. Historical roasts on Netflix. He's one of the most loved people in this town in his profession. Not only because he's funny because he is just an awesome person. Great rich. Jeffrey Ross good intro. You know what? I get paid top dollar for that in certain comedians than tro is foreplay. You understand like like when I hear that everything starts happening for me right now. I wish I could rip this Mike out of the thing, and walk around and work the room. It's possible to work. Snapped a football. You snap the football David tell your, your, your old, Jeff lift showed stay right says that you're a center on the Jonathan Dayton, regional high school BULLDOGS in Springfield, New Jersey. Never won a game for years. We got the video right there there. It is of you and your veins. You got down there down there and it's like riding a bike. You just not that thing to me and tell couldn't even believe it. Look at that talent very hidden talent. My friend historical roasts is fantastic. And I will explain. Why? Okay. Thank you, bud. Because you're you're Ross. You know what a big fan of row Siam richest been for his fans. The richest been support richest been talking about the Rothe like sporting events since I met him because they are events. They are vents that it is a competition between the comedian's onstage against each other, and then against the, the person who's being roasted. I grew up on the old Dean Martin rose. Yes, I'm I'm an old school. Guy. I know you are to your your loved lush business, buddy, Hackett, and Don Rickles, or people very near and dear heart. You can, you knew them..

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