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Delete at three to that even strength Goldman at three two hawks. That's where we stand his third period play against John. All right. Thank you very much votes and debrincat tried to deflect the puck out of the hawk zone. Taken back fiber ten and put up a side the hawk net. And it's taken there and fired by horror bat knocked wide. More of that got back at point Hutton fires from there that deflects wide of the hawk net Keith in the near corner ramp from behind their by Roussell lost the puck in behind the hawk net. Her tannin's got it dropped it in the far corner. Rick play by Cahoon distribute away from Hutton. But then took it back along the end boards. Moves it left point Roussell. Fires from there blocked by Seabrook. Cheaper Clair's it off the right boards, but not out taken away by Tyler Mont put it down in behind the net stripped around up the near side by hor VAT, ends up at center ice at the line. Stature has got the puck past Ahmad hawk line right wing ill-spent down the. Glass behind the net into the far corner. Erickson got it there. Puts the puck back behind the hawk net around to the near side boards to beagle. It back in behind into the far corner. Could Julie hit but put it in behind the hawk net. Beagles got it. Rolls around on the right circle leaves it for Matt who backhands a shot in on goal and Julia was able to shut the door stopping with his body. And then plop on the puck at the top of the crease. This is very similar looking start by the Canucks from what we saw in period. Number two. The one thing about the Vancouver Canucks. They've been very resilient all ear and they're not going to back down. They're gonna keep coming at you. Travis green a young coast zone. Right has done an excellent job of having all these guys by in the Sabines are no longer there. Full hard at. Alex dabbler who? Out of the lineup. Boy took could follow that game against Philadelphia masters taser on the ice with a concussion for at least a week a week as it stands right now. But. The leadership has changed inside the Vancouver Canucks locked room and board Horta that is one of those guys at twenty three years of age. Should it be a great leader for this team for two years? You mentioned the Canucks over four on their power play Ettler had been quarterbacking the power play, but really to four you said the truth for twenty eight over the last ten games now at for that so to for thirty two with or without editor they have not been able to store on their power. Inside the hawk zone along the near boards. Ericsson cakes up from Murphy put it behind the hawk net. Slater Kuku hit there by Tyler. But moves the puck around to Patrick Kane. Can't hawk line on the right wing. We'll send it down ice along the near boards in the zone. Diego. Put the puck behind his net. Got it there. Derek Julio moving ahead up the right side at center ice to be ago center the hawk line for Pederson. Patterson had it knocked off his stick. Nice play there by Krueger to get the puck to forsling listed the center ice picked up by Brendan Laney speed line, right circle. Back hands the puck in front of the net. Slides around to the near side all Marcus Krueger got the stick in between Patterson's legs. Then gave a little Spinney went down. No penalty called Saad behind the hawk net will spin it around to the right point that was intended for Gustafsen over in the Detroit area. And that puck goes all the way through center ice down behind the hawk net. Cannot get a line change Gustafsen passing out to Anisimov line to Hayden over the line down the left wing to the half board. Put it back to the left point to Keith Windsor right point Seabrook long shot from there to flex on March from turned wide got to stick in there now beside the hawk net. Anisimov has the puck between escape he ends up falling over Sutter behind. And the net flip to the left corner. Put up behind the net. Hayden Hayden rolling around. Bottom left circle. Then moves in front of shrimp. San march. Trump has the puck and his acquittal. Doesn't know where it is. We get a whistle stabbing. Another good effort, thereby Hayden. Faceoff circle. Mark shrooms rights still three to hot Hayden. It's such a big is such a strong player in the last couple of games. Finding a little bit more rhythm in the offensive zone. Just using his strengthen her size spinning away from people in protecting the ticketing towards the front of the net March to made the save. But wasn't sure where that was. And he just throws. He didn't want it to fall out of his equipment. They're waited for the whistle and tried to figure it out after that. A draw to the right of marks from the Canucks. Get it stature snapped it off the glass to center ice into the hawk zone left circle. Fires turned wide by Delia Roussell to the loose puck. Now along the left wing boards leaves in the left wing corner for Virtanen who put it behind the hawk net to hornbeck pour out on the right wing corner. Rolls into the right circle. Dropped it off this Detrick coming by sends it in front knocked away by Delia to home within lost in the left circle Hutton pounds a shot wide of the hawk net. So right around the boards down to the blue line. Jake her tannin's got it there. He's chased down behind the hawk net. Hawks Alex debrincat, and then a nice play by Strom along the far boards to chip it away with a puck. Jack Chettri got to the puck shot into the hawk blue line Slater cuckoo's able to put it out the center ice and then runs into Stecher at the hawk blue line after Stecher dump the puck down the boards into the hawk zone. Caves collect behind the net. Moves it out. Murphy at center ice front of the benches fire the puck down the boards into the hawk zone around into the near corner. Good brands. Outnumbered by Julian tastes, good works. The puck free then lost it down beside the net and good Branson put it to the near boards. Erickson then lost? The puck is tape strips. It away. Got the puck ticket julep back of the net. Tried to feed it through his legs and front came back to could you Aleph corner. Set the puck to the left point to Kuku, but it down behind the cannot to Kane Kane around to the right corner sharp angle shot stopped. And then could you got the puck beside the net and fire turned wide by Marx drunk now behind the net. Good Branson got to the puck around the left wing. Beagle. Clears the puck down to the hawk blue line. Connor murphy. Their Murphy passes on the left wing center ice to Jonathan. We'll take the puck back inside the hawk zone about twenty feet has made a casual pass picked off by Besser Besser the slot. Doubling back. Nice play. By Gus got the puck to forsling passing up the left wing at center ice occurred over the comeback wide facade near the right point. Spins it down the boards in behind the net. Berlin battling there would leave. Oh, you've oh moves the puck into the near side boards for Patterson. Patterson gained center ice drops it off the best on the right wing side. Center ice. He'll dump the puck down the boards into the hawk zone in the park corner. Gusts system with bothered lost the puck down behind the hawk net. B investor now battle Besser came out with a puck around the right wing half. Ports leaves it there for Patterson Elias. Patterson tried to put it the line picked off by Pearleen. He'll poke the puck down to the blue line back to get it there. Pouliot push past the lebeau hawk line to Pooley audience over the hawk line. We get a whistle conducts are offsides on this play fourteen eleven left in the third period. Three to favor of the hawks want to give a quick shout out to a good friend of mine. Mark smith. Always listens to the Blackhawks games on radio down in Cleveland. Tennessee. Parker. Thanks for tuning in. We'll see you out in the desert later on this season. Shoutout to the to the. Nineteen ninety four New York Rangers who are having their twenty five year reunion, which includes a bunch of ex teammates of mine Eddie Olczyk is there as well. As a part of the ceremonies. Congratulations to Eddie Olczyk, Mike Hudson, Brian Newnan. Ex Blackhawks went on to win the Stanley Cup with Rangers that year through on one for the hawks lead by. Line right circle. He got away a shot. But it looked like he found on it. Miss it up into the protective netting behind the hawk net out of play thirteen forty five left in the third three two hawks over the conducts this is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN. At MB financial Bank. We have an understanding that no one knows your.

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