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Plus, starting left guard Mike you party was in the blue medical tent. We haven't received a medical update on that. So Seattle starting to build up some injuries in game here, and Washington looks like they're going to go for a field goal just before halftime to try and get a couple of points on the board. They are a very, very good second half team at 1 75 to 84. Washington has outscored opponents In the second half, says something to keep an eye on all right, and we have a time out before the field goal attempts will keep you posted on that. In the meantime, let's go to brand Douglas in Tennessee, where the Titans have allowed another touchdown before the end of the first half, or some scoring, at least, um, so let's get the details because there's a lot of them from Brant Douglas. The numbers have gotten kind of funky here in the second quarter on the scoreboard. The first was 21 7. The Titans were ahead after a Ryan Tannehill touchdown run a Tannehill touchdown pass for 75 yards to Corey Davis and a three yard run by Derrick Henry. Matthew Stafford connected with Marvin Jones for a two yard TD pass. Then the scoreboard gets kind of off of the pattern. Ryan Tannehill taken down for eight. Safety after a third down and goal fumble for the Lions, But then the Lions take advantage of that. After the free kick. They drive 55 yards and five plays 44 that have passed a hunter Bryant capped off by the Andre Swifty two yard touchdown run, but then that praetor misses the extra point. Which makes the score 21 15. And then just before the half Stephen Gostkowski hits a 38 yard field goal to put it our current margin of 24. 15 Matthew Stafford. Good game despite the rib injury, 16 of 21 passing for 170 yards and the one touchdown pass for the Titans, Ryan Tannehill 11 of 14 passing 182 yards their work. Henry Rushing 14 carries for 80 yards. We are at the break in Nashville. It's the Titans 24, the Lions 15. The Washington Field goal was good. 13 3 at the half Seattle in from Let's go to Erik Nelson in Chicago, where the Vikings got a field goal this time, Dan Bailey connecting here's Eric. Yeah, yeah, rich. The good news is we've hit the brake your 20 detention. Kaga leading Minnesota in this game that has NFC wild card playoff repercussions. Dan Bailey has made his extra point and he didn't make 24 yard field goal. So he's perfect today, unlike a week ago in camper when he missed three field goal tries and an extra point, But on the drive late in the second quarter, if the would have could have should have think for the Vikings, Kirk Cousins was able to a scramble out of trouble. Bison time, and he threw a laser beam to Earth Smith Jr. Who's normally very sure and it especially in the Red Zone. It was a bottom right pylon throw. Irv Smith could not hang on. It would have been a touchdown, and that certainly would have made this score lot difference that the Vikings settle for the Bailey field goal in this game. Mitchell Travis Key has a touchdown pass to the rookie Darnell Mooney. The Bears also have a one yard touchdown run from David Montgomery. Cairo, Santos, who said it outstanding season. It's been a long time since you could say that about a Bears kicker. But he said twice today four field goals for Chicago. Meanwhile, Minnesota's touchdown Was a three are flip her cousins to Adam's feeling cousins as 83 yards in the air on the first half. Mitchell Stravinsky as 109. Montgomery is run for 68 yards and Dalvin Cook has been able to Ah Brian out 79 yards for the Vikings football teams that run the ball very well in the receiving department. Adam feeling has a couple of catches for 11 yards just in Jefferson. Three for 41. Meanwhile, for Chicago, Alan Robinson, three for 48. Lead the way for the Bears, who also have two sacks in this game, and remember, they had seven. Ah, we could go over Houston, so we have completed one half in Minneapolis. It's 20 to 10 Chicago. All right. Thank you very much. Erik Nelson. So the bears picking up where they left off offensively a week ago with an impressive first half that, said the Jacquard Priester in Miami. Third quarter underway. Not much going on offensively there, Jack. No. Nothing really, Just a couple of Nick folk field goals in the first half of 45 yarder. And they, um I lost my place here. 45 year old on a 36 or Excuse me. The Dolphins did have a couple of shots there. They had 52 yards. Horrible complication. Sanders as the first half expired time expires in the first half. That was his first missing 11. Attempts over 50 yards for that streak comes to an end and baby and Howard had an apparent 86 yard touchdown on a fumble return that was called back as the ball was touched out of bounds by Christian. Welcome to the, um Defensive lineman to significant note out of this game Much far is step on Gilmore. He had a non contact injury to his right knee with significant We've been, Um uh, listed as doubtful. For the second half. Nobody touched him, which He had to be helped off the field. It looks like a serious knee injury. Hopefully, it's not too serious for. I believe it was last year's defensive player of the year for the game. Cam Newton just dated 15 for 66 charged to us. In a 14 82 yards. You gotta wonder what the Dauphin playoff hopes, depending on winning this week and the next two weeks. If buying Florida, Uh, if this continued to Pine Forest will pull the chain and and and make a change. Had probable with nobody to talk to in this game and his top running backs her out. So I don't know if you could put the blame on him. 13 26 toe to go in the third quarter of dolphins with a first down inside New England territory in a trail right now, six. Nothing right. Okay. Thank you very much, Jack. Of course, both my Kosecki and Devante Parker out today. For the Dolphins. So it's been a tough time. Speaking of tough time the kicking game for the Cowboys, let's get more from Bob Stevens. Okay, we have Bob Seconds to tell him the earth after the Cowboys leave the 49 17 to 14 blue eyes just quite a 60 yard young old It's no good off his rights and cowboys were stretched that to their leaves of the Cowboys have jumped out to a 14. Nothing lead in the first quarter. Thanks for a couple of $40 screwed over $2 touchdown. Was 77 year on this level of foreign fighters tighten things up a couple of big, smaller touchdown passes. Five yard I'd enjoy green and two yards shovel path for Brandon. I rule Andy Dalton is the 12 or 2423 doors there. Touchdown, three orders to Michael Gallop and Tony powered and so in his place of the injured sick Elliot today out to the game with a calf injury first, and he is missed. Because of injury in his career collar is washed for 16 yards on six carries. That touchdown call Scott bypasses with 50 or alone while the orderlies and insurance rolling I'm put 15 for 94 yards Touchdown, but it could have a fumble with finding a cowboy touchdown and well, he no, sir 13 13 rushes. 57 yards. The 40 Niners with 84 year old. It's here. Russian in the first half of Denver tight around the cross, Tampa Cobb was taking advantage, though all those two fumbles with lead to 14 point, so Don't enjoy working here with 14 seconds. Go in first half. All right. Thank you very much. Bob. Four games are at the half right now. Three are already underway. Third quarter, So let's get you the full scoreboard updated much, much.

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